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Undergraduate Research Spotlight

Summer 2020

FCRH Senior Research Celebration-2020

FCRH Spring 2020 Senior Research Celebration

The FCRH undergraduate research spotlight for the summer of 2020 honors our senior researchers and their mentors who perserved on their projects last spring and gave us memories that will last a lifetime. We celebrated their work on May 13; over 60 seniors attended as well as several mentors and friends of our program. Students presented their findings and we loved every second of it. CONGRATS to all of our undergraduate researchers, and especially to those from the Class of 2020. Thank you all for your grit and giving us such a wonderful community that banded together even while we were apart. Our program continues this summer with 40 grant recipients who are setting the stage for new discoveries in creative, innovative ways despite the pandemic and we can't wait for more showing off and celebrating in the fall!

The Scope and Impact of Undergraduate Research

Each month, Fordham College at Rose Hill is proud to share highlights from our thriving undergraduate research program. Our students are actively involved in faculty-mentored research across disciplines, participating in a range of activities including utilizing state of the art equipment in our labs, meeting with patients in medical settings, spending time in the community interviewing and surveying members to achieve a greater understanding of historical and contemporary questions, reviewing source data in New York City and even around the world, as well as collecting specimens in the field for our many projects based in environmental settings. Excitingly, our students' contributions have considerable impact in their respective fields and to their professional development.