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Undergraduate Research Spotlight

Summer 2019

Summer Spotlight: FCRH Mentors of the Year!

Asato and Eric at Undergraduate Research Symposium 2019

At this year's Undergraduate Research Symposium, FCRH proudly honored three faculty members for their wonderful mentorship. Dr. Asato Ikeda, from the Department of Art History and Music, was our recipient from the Humanities. Dr. Ikeda is an expert on Japanese paintings produced during WWII. She has authored a recent book that addresses this subject. In addition to her outstanding scholarship, Dr. Ikeda is an experienced curator known for her kindness and generosity as a mentor and instructor.

Chris and Robert at Undergraduate Research Symposium 2019

In STEM, this year's recipient was Dr. Christopher Koenigsmann from the Department of Chemistry. "Dr. K" as he is known by his lab has mentored dozens of FCRH students whose time at FCRH is deeply enhanced by their work and his presence in their professional development. One of his mentees has this to say:

As a result of the technical skills I've acquired and the sense of community I've experienced in my research lab, I can honestly say that doing research has been the most rewarding experience I've had at Fordham, and I am indebted to Dr. K for realizing my potential and dedicating his time and effort to my development and success.

Maura and Amy at Undergraduate Research Symposium 2019

And finally, Dr. Amy Roy from the Department of Psychology and the director of our Integrative Neuroscience (INS) program was honored for her mentorship and dedication to student research in INS. Dr. Roy's innovative work examines the neurocognitive bases of behavioral and emotional concerns in children and adolescents. Her mentees are exposed to novel techniques as well as a rigorous interdisciplinary research lab. Our INS students thrive under her guidance and display their work proudly at the annual Neuroscience Senior Showcase.

We are so grateful for the contributions and time that Drs. Ikeda, Koenigsmann, and Roy give to our students and to our efforts. A huge congratulations to these extraordinary mentors and supporters of our program.

The Scope and Impact of Undergraduate Research

Each month, Fordham College at Rose Hill is proud to share highlights from our thriving undergraduate research program. Our students are actively involved in faculty-mentored research across disciplines, participating in a range of activities including utilizing state of the art equipment in our labs, meeting with patients in medical settings, spending time in the community interviewing and surveying members to achieve a greater understanding of historical and contemporary questions, reviewing source data in New York City and even around the world, as well as collecting specimens in the field for our many projects based in environmental settings. Excitingly, our students' contributions have a considerable impact in their respective fields and to their professional development.