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Undergraduate Research Spotlight

Spring 2019

Gracie Jenkins, Anna Gilbert, & Dalaney Vonderahe at the 2018 Symposium Preview

Gracie Jenkins, Anna Gilbert, & Dalaney Vonderahe at the 2018 Symposium Preview

Where Are They Now? Roommate Research Superstars!

Last spring, roommates Gracie Jenkins (Class of 2018, Integrative Neuroscience), Anna Gilbert (Class of 2018, Psychology), and Dalaney Vonderahe (Class of 2018, Psychology) took the Symposium by storm showing us all the community that undergraduate research creates. Now, one year later, research has kept them together in Providence, RI. We sure miss them and are eager to share where they are now!

Gracie and Anna are serving as clinical research assistants in the Pediatric Mood, Imaging, and Neurodevelopment (PediMIND) Program at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. In this role, they are involved with the research process from beginning to end, responsible for recruitment, administering IQ tests and clinical interviews, running behavioral tasks, and assisting with each MRI. Gracie describes how this came about for her.

I would not be where I am today without the amazing research opportunities I had at Fordham. Being able to have so much responsibility as an undergraduate taught me so much about the research process (and the importance of problem-solving skills). I can’t thank Dr. Andover enough for being such a wonderful mentor!

Anna's fascinating senior thesis examined the relationship between suicide and chronic pain. Undergraduate research opened many doors for her. She has presented a poster at a conference in Washington DC and is currently working on submitting her thesis to a journal for publication. Anna had this to say about her experience.

Conducting undergraduate research made me a competitive job applicant, and helped me enter into the field of behavioral health with a lot of helpful preexisting knowledge. I would highly recommend pursuing research at Fordham if you plan on applying to graduate programs in the future!

Last but not least, Dalaney is a research assistant/clinical interviewer for the Stroud Maternal and Infant Studies Lab nearby at Miriam Hospital and Brown University. She is looking at the impact of maternal e-cig use and stress during pregnancy on fetal development in terms of markers of fetal growth and fetal brain and neurobehavioral development. All of this clinical experience is preparing her to pursue a degree in clinical psychology. She offered these words regarding her experiences here.

I am so glad that I participated in undergraduate research at Fordham! I worked in a lab on campus and completed an Honor’s Thesis. It gave me the experience I needed in my current position and taught me how to think and apply the tools I learned in class to a higher level. The ability to be so hands on and independent in research gave me such a deep understanding of the research process and gave me greater confidence in my abilities.

The Scope and Impact of Undergraduate Research

Each month, Fordham College at Rose Hill is proud to share highlights from our thriving undergraduate research program. Our students are actively involved in faculty-mentored research across disciplines, participating in a range of activities including utilizing state of the art equipment in our labs, meeting with patients in medical settings, spending time in the community interviewing and surveying members to achieve a greater understanding of historical and contemporary questions, reviewing source data in New York City and even around the world, as well as collecting specimens in the field for our many projects based in environmental settings. Excitingly, our students' contributions have considerable impact in their respective fields and to their professional development.