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Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership

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This program has been discontinued. We are no longer admitting students to the MS in Nonprofit Leadership.

Fordham’s Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership program offers a skills-focused graduate degree designed for leaders and managers in the nonprofit sector. This innovative Masters brings together the academic excellence of Fordham’s top-ranked Graduate School of Social Service with the mission-driven expertise and experience of chief executive officers who serve in a wide range of non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Supported by expert faculty and comprehensive academic resources, the program emphasizes the development of sophisticated management, business and leadership skills with a focus on social justice and organizational change.

Program Highlights

  • Emphasis on the development of practical skills and knowledge
  • Deep commitment to the values of social justice
  • Strong focus on leadership
  • Curriculum that covers ethics, organizational culture, fiscal management, resource assessment, fundraising, executive board relations, social innovation, organizational change, and more
  • Learning labs, taught by leadership mentors, that help you translate theory into real-world application

Program Advantages

  • One-year, 30-credit program designed for working professionals
  • Hybrid program that improves workload flexibility and work-school-life balance
  • Three on-campus courses
  • Learning labs on Saturdays (every other week for seven sessions) that correlate to leadership courses
  • Three fully online courses that are asynchronous (no live instruction time), allowing you to access the material and structure your learning at your own pace


As a graduate of Fordham’s Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership, you’ll be an ideal candidate for positions in a variety of settings, from healthcare to social service agencies to the arts. Possible positions include:

  • Chief executive officer
  • Director of programs
  • Director for individual giving or events
  • Chief board relations officer
  • Senior operations manager