Human Rights Framework and Reflexive Practice that Considers Identity

May 12, 2018


9a.m. - 12p.m.


Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service
Lincoln Center Campus
113 West 60th Street
New York, NY 10023

Room 713 (7th Floor)  


There has been an increasing awareness of biases held by persons within the United States. Social work as a profession seeks to push for social change, paying particular attention to persons or identities that are marginalized in society.  Research has revealed that often persons who are marginalized in society, are also facing obstacles when turning to social service agencies or practitioners.  

This workshop proposes the Human Rights framework as a way to meet persons, seeing individuals and communities as human rights bearers.  This workshop will also consider persons’ experience in society based upon their physical identity, with the goal of raising awareness of the practitioner.  The Human Rights Framework, Sisnero’s Web of Oppression and Shulman’s stages of case work will be reviewed for working with individuals, organizations and communities.  Individual and group exercises that provide participants with the opportunity to incorporate reflexivity and a human rights approach into their practice will be provided.  


Margaret Knapp is doctoral candidate at Fordham University, Graduate School of Social Service, focusing on addressing institutional norms and values that marginalizes persons and groups.  She has done research exploring the biases of older White adults, and on changing perspectives.  She has presented on the Human Rights Framework, on identities or positionality and on biases several times.  She is also an adjunct Professor at Fordham GSS teaching Human Rights and Social Justice to MSW students.  Additionally, she is the Director of the Intern Program at International Multiracial Shared Cultural Organization.  Prior to entering the doctoral program, Margaret had 7 years’ experience in working with women who are pregnant and choose to parent, while facing obstacles of homelessness, drug addition, involvement in the criminal justice system and abuse.  She was the Executive Director of a shelter for women and children in Santa Cruz, California.  Margaret obtained her undergraduate degree in Sociology from University of California, Santa Cruz, and an MSW from Fordham, GSS.  

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