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Palliative Care Continuing Education Courses

The Graduate School of Social Service has a concentration of Continuing Education class on Palliative Care. The classes are taught by experienced palliative social workers who bring a wealth of knowledge and practice wisdom to the classroom. Whether you are working in health care, or just want to learn more about this rewarding and growing area of practice, please check out the courses in the Palliative Care concentration below.

Social workers interested in applying for the Advanced Certified Hospice & Palliative Social Worker (ACHP-SW) can meet the requirement for the 20 CEHs that are related specifically to hospice and palliative care by taking the classes offered here.

Visit our Palliative Care website to learn more.

Courses include:

  • Palliative Social Work
  • Palliative Social Work with Family Caregivers
  • Pediatric Palliative Care
  • Communicating with Clients Who Have Life-Limiting or Chronic Illnesses
  • Hospice Social Work
  • Grief, Loss, and Bereavement
    • Part 1. Introduction and Framework
    • Part 2. Impact of Loss
    • Part 3. Intervention
  • Choice in Dying: Current Legal, Policy and Ethical Issues
  • When Death Comes Knocking at the Door: Honoring End-of-Life Work in a Social Work Field Placement
  • Group Work with Individuals with Serious Illness
  • Health Literacy: Assessing and Addressing with Clients
  • Dimensions of Hope and Hopelessness in Serious Illness
  • Mindfulness in Clinical Social Work: Research, Practice, and Applications for Social Work Populations and Settings
  • Using Music as A Transient Element of Passage in End-of-Life Care
  • Comics and Care: Turning the Pages from Life to Death, Graphically Speaking
  • Cultural Diversity in Death and Dying
  • Spirituality in Palliative Social Work
  • The Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Team