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Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Application Process

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Ready to make a meaningful difference in your life and the lives of others? Apply for the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) program at Fordham University now.

Application Requirements

Application Deadlines

Spring Deadline: November 1st

Fall Deadline: March 1st

How to Apply

Every application package must include the following six elements.

You must submit the entire application package together, individual sections will not be reviewed.

1. Completed and signed application form.

2. Autobiographical statement: This allows us to assess whether you have the necessary writing ability for the BASW program. Please submit a typed statement (three to five pages) in which you respond to all of these questions:

  • How did you become interested in social work? If this interest represents a change of career plans, what are the reasons for the change?
  • What educational, professional, voluntary, and/or community experiences and relationships have contributed to your interest in social work?
  • Which personal qualities and abilities do you feel will be helpful to you in the social work profession? In what way will they be helpful?

Place your name, social security number, and date on the last page of the statement.

Your autobiographical statement helps us assess whether you have the necessary writing ability for the BASW program. Please be certain that your statement is a fair sample of your writing skills and meets the level of proficiency that the faculty might expect for writing assignments given in class.

3. Three letters of reference: Please use the forms provided in the application packet. Three recommendations, as well as the letter from the instructor of Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare, are required.

Use academic or social work employment references whenever possible. If these are not applicable to you, your references should come from people who have knowledge of your professional capacity.

4. Letter from the instructor of Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare: Please ask the instructor of your Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare course to complete this form in the application packet, evaluating your performance in class and readiness to enter the BASW program.

5. Signature authorizing the release of student records: Sign the "Release of Student Records" item that appears at the bottom of page 2 on the application form.

6. Admissions interview: In rare circumstances we may require an interview.

Submit all six required elements of your application package to:

Maggie DiPasquale
B.A.S.W. Executive Secretary
113 West 60th Street, Lowenstein Building, Room 716
New York, NY 10023
(212) 636-7166

All application materials are confidential and shared only with people directly involved in the admissions process. All records and documents become the property of the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work program of Fordham University.


We are eager to help you successfully complete the application process. Please email the program's director, Gregory Acevedo, Ph.D, at or call him at 212-636-6644 with any questions. He welcomes questions from any undergraduate students who are exploring a career in social work.