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GSS Registration

MSW Course Registration

Fall 2018

Registration for graduate social work students begins the week of March 12th for the fall semester. Summer 2018 registration opened in December but if you have not yet registered or if you need to make changes, please do so now. The time you can begin registering for fall is indicated below. All registration is done through your account. Please do the following in anticipation of registering:

Check your registration status. Under the Student Tab in your account you will see a link for Registration Status. Clicking on that will tell you if you are on any holds – Bursar, Immunization, or Admissions. Resolve any holds before your registration date.

Print out the schedules that apply to you. Using these schedules is important because you can easily see the days and times of the course offerings and be clear that you have the correct campus. Most registration mistakes are made when students go directly to the web to register without looking at these schedules.

Run DegreeWorks - a link on your Student Tab that gives you the ability to do a degree audit. This works well if your concentration is entered correctly. If it is not, Lincoln Center and Molloy students should contact Mr. Johnny Torres at and Westchester students should contact Ms. Aida Lau at An incorrect or blank concentration will not stop you from registering. Other things about DegreeWorks – if you have completed a year of field instruction the IP for the fall semester will drop to the bottom. Your graduation date was automatically generated upon admission. It will be adjusted in your final semester after you apply to graduate. Plans of Study can be on the school’s website under Students. This will also assist with registration.

To avoid system overload, registration is staggered based on your earned credits. You can register 24 hours/day but you cannot begin until 7 a.m. on the date that applies to you.

Monday, March 12: MSW students who have earned 12 credits and above

Tuesday, March 13: MSW students who have earned 0-11 credits

Wednesday, March 14: Non-matriculated students

Summer 2018: The last day for add/drop or late registration for is May 11, 2018.

Fall 2018: The last day for add/drop or late registration is September 7, 2018.

Summer Session and Financial Aid: You may take one or two courses in summer session. However, if you take only 3 credits in a semester you are not eligible for a loan unless you are continuing in a 14 hour/week internship (therefore being half-time). If this presents a problem for you, please call me at 212-636-6605.

2018 - 19 Tuition: The tuition for the next academic year will be $935/credit. Summer tuition is still $921/credit.

Research Waivers: Foundation students who entered the program part-time will be taking Social Work Research I and II this coming year. If you think you are eligible for a course waiver, review the process in the GSS Handbook.A waiver is different than transfer credit. If you receive a waiver you will need to take an elective in its place.

Things to Remember when Registering:

Field Instruction - If you will be starting a field placement in the fall, you must register for it, indicating the course number for the numbers of hours a week you will be doing field work and which campus you will be attending Integrative Seminar. This must coincide with what you put on your planning forms. You will find the field instruction CRN (Course Record Number) on the top of each schedule. Integrative Seminar is included in the field registration and therefore does not appear on your registration. The option you chose on your planning forms is your time assignment.

Advanced Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis I and II SWGS 6430 and SWGS 6431, are requirements for Clinical majors. Part I is a requirement for Leadership Community-based Practice and Leadership majors (Leadership Track B). Human Service Leadership (Leadership Track A) and Research majors may take part I and have it count as an elective. You may take part II also but only if you took part I. It is important to note that if you choose to work as a clinical social worker after you graduate, this is one of the course requirements to apply to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York State.

Employed Experienced Social Work Practitioners (EESSP) – Those of you who are ready to enroll in SWGS 6907 Field Practicum Laboratory in the upcoming academic year, please wait to register for it. It is taken in the year prior to your field placement and in concurrence with Generalist Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families and Groups I and II. I will contact you in early June with the registration information and dates that it will meet during the year. This is a required three credit course that meets over the academic year. You will be charged for 3 credits in the fall and 0 in the spring. The lab will be offered on Wednesday evenings (6 – 7:50 p.m.) at Lincoln Center and Westchester. Please still register for your other courses during the regular registration week.

Fall 2018 start dates – Classes that meet on Saturdays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays begin before Labor Day – Saturday 8/25, Monday 8/27 (with no class on Labor Day weekend), Wednesday 8/29 and Thursday 8/30. Tuesday classes begin after Labor Day, Tuesday 9/4.

If you do need to speak with someone about registration, Lincoln Center students can contact me at 212-636-6605 or or Ms. Polly Kaplan at 212-636-7352 or Westchester students can contact Dean Ji Seon Lee at 914-367-3015 or or Dean Linda White-Ryan at 914-367-3017 or Fordham/Molloy students can contact Ms. Jennifer McKinnon at

Professor assignments can change all summer long. The website will be updated as changes are made and TBAs are filled in. Please be sure to read all of the material thoroughly and call us only after you have reread everything!

Additional Information

  • August Graduates – If your course and/or fieldwork will be completed this summer, you will be an August 9, 2018 graduate. If you have not yet filed for graduation, please email Polly Kaplan at August graduates are encouraged to attend the May ceremony but will receive the actual diploma when it is mailed to you in the fall by the Registrar. April 6th is the deadline for ordering your cap and gown if you are participating in the School’s ceremony on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at the University’s Rose Hill campus in the Bronx. Information about ordering your academic attire was sent to your Fordham email address if you already filed.
  • State Licensing Exam – A video series on test taking strategies and content review is being prepared and will be available in April. There is also information about the exam on the School’s website
  • Application forms to apply for the LMSW are available from the New York State website – The New Jersey website for the LSW form is . The Connecticut website is . If you are interested in licensing in other states go to the Association of Social Work Boards website at .
  • Field Instruction – All students who will be doing field placements in the 2018 – 2019 academic year should by now have received Field Work Planning information. Those of you who are going into your first/foundation placement should submit the Foundation Year Field Application, using the link sent to you via email. This form is due March 31. Those of you going into your advanced placement (this includes Advanced Standing students who began part-time this year) should by now have met with a coordinator for a placement planning interview. Students who plan to pursue a Work Study Internship (including EESSP students going into their advanced year) must submit both a Field Application and a Work Study Proposal. Work study students do not need to schedule an interview with their placement coordinator. Although the Work Study Proposal is due June 1st, students are encouraged to submit this form as soon as possible. The form can be found as a link on the Field Application and on our website. Instructions for submission of the Work Study Proposal are on the first page. If you did not attend a Field Planning Meeting and you need the link for the Field Application, please email Ms. Alissa Florio, Administrative Assistant in the Field Work Department, immediately –
  • Non-Matriculated Students – If you are currently non-matriculated and are in the process of applying for matriculation, please do not register for the fall semester now. You will be informed of the fall registration process in your decision letter.
  • MSW/MPH Program – If you are interested in pursuing this joint degree with the Mt. Sinai School of Public Health, contact Dean Elaine Congress at . Advanced year students may also take electives at Mt. Sinai. Look at their website to see what is being offered.
  • Grades – You will be able to view your spring grades on the day after your professors post them. If you are in field instruction and successfully complete it, the grade is S for Satisfactory. The grade for field will not be posted until your final evaluation is received. Please note that all nine credits of field (or the 15 credits for EESSP students) are credited when the final grade is posted. On DegreeWorks the midyear grade of IP drops to the bottom and stays there. A diploma will not be awarded until all grades are posted.
  • NASW – If you are not already a member of your professional organization, the National Association of Social Workers, now is the time. Join online at . Joining while you are still a student ensures the transitional fee for two years after you graduate. It’s the best deal in town!
  • Keeping Current – Please refer to the Event Calendar on the GSS website for up to date information -