GSS Registration

MSW Course Registration

Spring 2018


Registration begins the week of November 27th.   All registration is done through your account.   See your date to register below. Please read this letter and the FYI carefully – registration errors are typically made when these recommendations are not followed. 

There are several things that are important for you to do before registration:

  • Check your Registration Status now.  You will see the link under the Student Tab in Clicking on that will tell you if you are on any holds – Bursar, Immunization, or Admissions.  Please resolve any holds as soon as possible so that you can register at your appointed time.
  • Do a degree audit, known as DegreeWorks.  You will see this link under the Student Tab as well.  This works if your concentration is correct.  If it is not correct or if there is none listed, Lincoln Center and Molloy students should contact Mr. Johnny Torres at , Westchester students contact Dr. Linda-White Ryan at,  and Online students contact  Ms. Kathleen Rund at  It takes a day for the correction to be reflected in DegreeWorks. An incorrect concentration will not stop you from registering. Other things to note in DegreeWorks - your graduation date was automatically generated when you began the program and will be adjusted in your final semester when you file for graduation, and if you completed a year of field placement the IP (In Progress) grade drops to the bottom and remains an IP even after your final grade is posted.
  • Print out the schedule that applies to you – foundation, advanced, Lincoln Center, Westchester, Molloy, Online.  You can find the schedules by clicking on the link in this email or by going to, click on Students, click on Master of Social Work, click on Class Schedules Most registration errors are made when students rely only on the web without looking at these schedules.  Campus confusion and day of the week confusion often results.   Note that Lincoln Center and Molloy course sections are numbers and Westchester course sections are letters. Students can access their plans of study at

To avoid system overload, registration dates are staggered based on credits earned and campus.  Please note the following:

11/27  - 7:00 a.m. - Matriculated with a minimum of 27 earned credits
11/28  -  7:00 a.m. - Matriculated with 0- 26 earned credits
11/29 -  7:00 a.m.-  Non-matriculated students

Of course you can register after your assigned date but not before. Please register during the week of November 27th as courses will be canceled or added based on registration.   You can drop and add courses until the beginning of the spring and summer semesters.

Important Facts to Take Into Consideration When Registering

It is not necessary to take Part II of a course with the same professor or in the same time slot as you took Part I.  Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will have the same teacher as you did for part I.  If you want to be with the same professor, it is your responsibility to register early.  
All clinical majors taking Clinical Practice II must take Clinical Practice Seminar  - SWGS 6415.  (Do not confuse it with Integrative Seminar.)  
Field Instruction is a year-long course. We have automatically registered you for the same course number and section you are registered for this fall.  Therefore, you do not have to register for field instruction.  This also applies to the EESSP students in Field Practicum Laboratory.

We have a joint MSW/MPH degree program with Mt. Sinai School of Medicine’s Master of Public Health Program.  If you are interested in this dual degree please contact Dr. Elaine Congress, Associate Dean for Continuing Education and Extramural Programs, at  There is also an option to take a three credit elective in the MPH program for credits toward your MSW.  Mt. Sinai is located in Manhattan at 99th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues.  Look at the upcoming course offerings on that university’s website.
The GSS summer session is May 15 through July 14, 2018. Most summer classes meet once a week for eight weeks in 3 1/2 hour time blocks and there may be some more intensive offerings.  Times will be during the day, evening, and Saturdays at Lincoln Center and Westchester. Students may take one or two courses in summer session.  There will also be two courses offered in London this summer. More information to come.

Financial Aid in Summer Session:  If you take 3 credits in summer session you will not be entitled to a federal loan unless at the same time you are in a 14 hour/week internship that ends 8/3/18.  Therefore, plan your schedule keeping this in mind.  If this presents difficulty please call me so we can discuss it. Two Courses, 6 credits, is financial aid eligible.
Grades are available on your  If your grade is blank that means your professor has not yet submitted it.  The mid-year grade for field instruction is IP (In Progress).   The IP will only be posted when the Department of Field Instruction receives the mid-year evaluation that your field instructor does on Tk20.

Start dates for spring classes are as follows:  Monday 1/8,  Saturday 1/13, Tuesday 1/16, and Wednesday 1/17, and Thursday 1/18.  Module 0 for online students opens Tuesday 1/2.

Again, I encourage you to read all of this information thoroughly.   The attached FYI also has important information.  


GRADUATION INFORMATION  The date for the diploma ceremony for 2018 Master’s of Social Work graduates is still to be determined.  It will be at Fordham University’s Rose Hill campus in the Bronx. As soon as we have the date it will be eblasted.   May and August 2018 graduates need to apply for graduation through your my.fordham account.  From the Student Tab click on My Information, Student Accounts, Apply to Graduate.  You are an August graduate if you are taking your last course in Summer Session and/or in a 14 hour/week field placement.  August graduates are encouraged to participate in the commencement ceremony in May but will receive a diploma dated August 9th - it will be mailed to you during the fall semester. February 1st graduates should already have applied to graduate.  If you did not, email Ms. Polly Kaplan at and include how you want your name on your diploma and the address of where you would like the diploma mailed. You will receive more information about graduation through Integrative Seminars and meetings in the spring semester.  If you are a 2018 graduate and not in seminar this year, please read the monthly calendars.  There will be graduation parties as well.  More information to come.

LMSW/LSW REVIEW  Free review sessions for the Licensed Master’s Social Worker (New York State and Connecticut) and the Licensed Social Worker (New Jersey) exams will be offered at Lincoln Center  and Westchester in the spring semester.  Dates will be sent by email as well as class and calendar announcements.  In New York State and in Connecticut you need to have completed your degree requirements before you can take the Master’s level exam. In New Jersey you can take the Master’s level exam during your final semester.  Applications for the NY State exam are available on the state’s website –  The NJ application can be found at  Connecticut applications can be found at If you are interested in licensing in other states, go to the Association of Social Work Board’s website at

COURSE ON THE IDENTIFICATION AND REPORTING OF CHILD ABUSE AND MALTREATMENT  It is a requirement that proof of completion of a two hour course on child abuse identification and reporting be provided when applying for the LMSW in New York State. You can complete this course online at Other approved providers in the state can be found on the state’s website If you have previously taken such a course you do not have to reenroll, but you will need the certificate of completion at the time you apply for the license.

FIELD INSTRUCTION  Students who will be entering their advanced/second/final field placement in Fall 2018 will begin their field work planning by attending a meeting at Lincoln Center on Wednesday, December 6th at 11:30 – 1:00 p.m. or 6:45 – 8:15 p.m. or Saturday, December 9th at 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. All will be held in McNally Amphitheater in the 140 West 62nd building. At Westchester it will be Wednesday, December 6th at 12:30 – 2:30 or 3:00 – 5:00 in the Common Ground Cafe.  This includes Advanced Standing students who began part-time this year and EESSP students who will do their one internship in 2018 – 2019.  Foundation field placement planning for Fall 2018 will begin in January.  At Lincoln Center the meeting options are Wednesday, January 24th 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., Thursday, January 25th from 12:40 – 1:30, or Saturday, January 27th from 12:40 – 1:30.  All will be held in McNally Amphitheater in the 140 West 62nd building.  At Westchester the meeting options are Thursday, January 25th and Saturday January 27th from 12:45 – 1:30, location to be announced.  Students in the Online and Molloy/Hybrid programs will receive information via email.

BENEFITS AND ENTITLEMENTS FAIR –  All on-campus foundation year students should plan to attend an annual Benefits and Entitlements Fair.  The one at Lincoln Center will be on Tuesday, January 16th from 9:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Pope Auditorium) and the one at Westchester will also be scheduled in early January and announced soon.  This event is a guided instruction requirement for Social Policy I (SWGS 6006). There will be keynote speakers followed by breakout sessions on benefits and entitlements that affect our clients. Advanced year and online students are welcome to attend.  You are excused from field placement if the time conflicts.

FACULTY ADVISERS  Every student has a faculty adviser.  If you are in field placement or the Field Practicum Lab your adviser is the professor who teaches your integrative seminar/lab.  At Westchester, if you are matriculated and not in field placement, Dr. Linda White-Ryan is available to provide academic advising, and if you are non-matriculated, Ms. Aida Lau. At Lincoln Center if you are matriculated and not in field placement, your adviser is Ms. Polly Kaplan and if you are a non-matriculated, Dr. Susan Egan. Online students not in placement may contact Ms. Kathleen Rund and Fordham/Molloy student may contact Ms. Jen McKinnon.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT  Ms. Alby Tello is the Director of Career Development –  Career related events will take place in the spring semester at all campuses.  Be sure to check the monthly events calendar on the school’s website. Graduating students should plan to attend a job fair in the spring.  Fordham Westchester will host one on April 24, 2018 from 11:30 – 2:30.  The metro area social work schools will host one at Columbia University on March 23, 2018 from 11:00 – 3:00.  Please plan accordingly as this is during spring break.

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FINANCIAL AID  Applications for student loans and Tuition Remission/Assistance for the upcoming academic year will be available in March.

CHRISTMAS RECESS  The University will be closed Friday 12/22/17 through Monday 1/1/18.  We will reopen Tuesday 1/2/18. 

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SOCIAL WORKERS is your professional organization.  Join now as a student for $57/year until you graduate.  If you join as a student you are eligible for the transitional rate for three years after graduation.