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Fordham University | Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education 

Address: 441 East Fordham Road | Keating Hall Room Bronx, NY 10458

Main Number: 718-817-4800

Fax: 718-817-3352

General Office Email:

For general questions and inquiries, all are welcomed to contact our main office. For specific questions about our degrees and programs, our admissions process, or tuition and financial aid, it is best to contact the appropriate person. Below is a guide to help you determine who this is. 

We know that considering a graduate degree can leave you with lots of questions.  At GRE, our team is ready to answer your questions.

Contact Us with Your Questions!  

Our Admissions Administrator, Lauren Manzino, or Jodi Hunt, our Admissions Director, can help with questions about the admission process and introductory questions about our school and degree programs.  If you would like to visit campus, or attend an admissions event, please be in touch with our admissions office. 

Patrick Holt, Assistant Academic Dean, can help you with questions about degree curriculums, advisors and mentors, speaking to a faculty member in your area of interest, transfer of credits or the online learning experience. 

Most scholarships, grants and discounts available to GRE students come directly from our School.  Information on those programs are available on these web pages.  For information about student loans, contact the Fordham University Graduate Financial Aid office.

For our students interested in online learning, please contact our Admissions Office to set a time to meet us online for an "online tour." We will walk you through what an online course looks like, how you would complete your work online, and how our students interact.  We set these "tours" up one on one to make sure you have our full attention and all of your questions get answered.