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Frequently Asked Questions about Commencement

Dr. Horell at diploma ceremonyHow many guests are graduates allowed to invite? 

You are welcomed to invite as many guests as you would like. There are no tickets required for any part of Fordham University's graduation or the diploma ceremony hosted by the GRE.

What should I wear?

Traditionally, Fordham University's main ceremony is outside, under the sun with little shade, so our advice to all graduates is to be sure not to layer too heavily under your gown. Dress business casual, but be sure to only dress in light layers and watch the weather the night before to know whether or not to bring an umbrella!  

When should I arrive and where do I go?

It is best to arrive no later than 8:30 am. You and your fellow classmates will meet in Room 307A in Keating Hall (also known as the GRE's "kitchen"). There, you will have help getting dressed in your gown and will have the opportunity to enjoy some light refreshments (bagels, donuts, and coffee) before departing to line up for the ceremony. 

I didn't order a cap and gown in time! What should I do?

If you did not order a cap and gown by the deadline, you may pick one up in the McGinley Ballroom between 7 and 7:30 am the morning of graduation.

What time will we be "lining up" for the ceremony and where?

All graduates are expected to be outside lining up no later than 9:15 am, there will be two faculty members, Dean Holt, and a banner bearer there waiting. The GRE will be lining up at the oval between Spellman and Tierney Halls. If you arrive after 9:15 am - report DIRECTLY to the oval. All graduates of the GRE will begin to walk to the ceremony around 9:40 am, or so. Please do not be late! 

What time will the Fordham University ceremony be over and the GRE's diploma ceremony begin?

Traditionally, Fordham University's graduation ceremony will end around Noon-12:15 pm. You can expect the GRE's diploma ceremony to begin no more than 15-25 minutes after the main ceremony.

Where is the GRE's diploma ceremony?

The GRE's diploma ceremony will be held in Keating 1st - Keating Hall's main auditorium. 

How long will the Diploma ceremony last?

The GRE's diploma ceremony will not last longer than one hour.

Will there be a reception?

Immediately following the diploma ceremony, light refreshments and drinks will be served in the Rotunda, just outside Keating 1st. All graduates and their guests are invited to stay to take photos and enjoy the refreshments.

When will I get my diploma? 

May graduates will have a diploma presented to them on stage. However, if you applied for graduation after Jan. 7th, you will receive your diploma sometime in the early Fall at the address that you provided to us via Banner (in  Please make SURE that you address is up to date! 

Will there be photos taken?

The GRE does not offer professional photos of graduates receiving their diplomas. However, please know that your family and friends are welcomed to take as many photos and video recordings as they would like.  

Other Questions?

If you have any remaining questions, please email Asst. Dean Patrick Holt at  or call 718-817-4800. Congratulations! We look forward to celebrating your academic achievement with you soon!