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Dissertation Submissions

Dissertation Submissions and Presentations

As a way to reduce costs for students, all Doctor of Ministry and PhD students now submit their dissertations online; the traditional publishing has been reduced to $0. Furthermore, you do not need to bring a hard copy to the Dean's office at the time of the presentation appointment.

To Submit your Dissertation or Project Online

After approval from your director and the Dean, visit

Click on "Student", then "Submit", follow the instructions to create an account, and then continue through the online submission process.

All dissertations and projects must be submitted in the proper scholarly format (See the DMin or PhD student guidebooks for details).

When your submission is accepted, or if there are any errors or problems with your submission, the GRE Dean's office will contact you.

Please note, your dissertation will not be placed in the stacks of the Fordham Library, but will be available online through the ProQuest Dissertation Database.

Dissertation Presentation to the Dean

Contact Dean Holt ( for information on presentations.