Pastoral Counseling

MA Pastoral Counseling | 60 Credits

Kirk Bingaman, PhD, professor of pastoral counseling

Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Care (MAPCSC)

The 60-Credit Pastoral Counseling Graduate program curriculum is founded on the integration of state-of-the-art mental health counseling training with the insights of informed theological and spiritual approaches. Whether they are planning to become professional counselors/therapists, or to serve as pastoral ministers or chaplains, graduates of this program will be equipped to address an array of psychological and spiritual issues and concerns from a perspective that incorporates psychological insights, counseling skills, and theological/spiritual reflection.

The program includes 600 hours of supervised clinical placement, in which the student will have the opportunity to develop and practice the skills of working with individuals and groups as a professional counselor. All students in field placement will attend a monthly Field Placement Seminar for the duration of placement.

The program culminates with a Pastoral Counseling degree in the preparation of a Clinical Case Paper, which details in depth the student's work with a particular client or group in the internship setting. Upon completion of the 60-Credit program, students will be eligible to apply for licensure as a Mental Health Counselor in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and several other U.S. states.

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Each of the listed courses account for 3 credits

48 credits from:

  • PCGR 6386 Pastoral Counseling Theory
  • PCGR 6310 Human Growth and Development
  • PCGR 6510 Advanced Adult Development
  • PCGR 6390 Psychopathology and Diagnosis
  • PCGR 7422 Group Process: Th and Tech
  • PCGR 7410 Research Methods in Pastoral Counseling
  • PCGR 7330 Assessment and Appraisal of Individual
  • PCGR 6384 Professional Ethics in Pastoral Counseling
  • PCGR 6380 Theology of Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Care
  • PCGR 6382 Social and Cultural Foundations of Pastoral Counseling
  • PCGR 6440 Pastoral Counseling Skills
  • PCGR 7471 Clinical Integration I
  • PCGR 7472Clinical Integration II
  • Field Placement -600 hours, 9 credits from(courses may repeat):
    • ZZGR 7071 Field Placement in P.C. (3 credits) And/or ZZGR 7072 (6 Credit Field Placement)

12 Credits from:

  • REGR 6351 Education Peace/Justice
  • Scripture Requirement: RLGR 6010 Old Testament OR RLGR 6011 New Testament
  • Theology Requirement: RLGR 6030 Christology OR PMGR 6510 Theology of Ministry OR RLGR 6031 Theology of the Human Person
  • Spirituality Requirement: SPGR 7830 Discernment in Christian Tradition OR SPGR 6752 Christian Contemplation & Action OR SPGR 7751 Ignatian Spirituality OR SPGR 6792 Contemporary Christian Spirituality

The Clinical Placement

All students must complete the following courses prior to entering into a clinical field placement.

  • PCGR 6386 Pastoral Counseling Theories
  • PCGR 6382 Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling
  • PCGR 6310 Human Growth and Development
  • PCGR 6390 Psychopathology and Diagnosis

Pre-Placement Meeting

Before beginning the search for a field placement, all students must meet with the Clinical Director of Field Placement to discuss readiness for field placement and possible placement options.

Field Placement Search Process

Students are responsible for arranging their own field placement, in consultation with the help of the Clinical Director of Field Placement. The Clinical Director of Field Placement maintains a list of possible field placement site, although students are free to research additional sites on their own. All placement sites and site supervisors must meet the requirements outlined in the handbook.

Hours Requirement:

  • 600 total hours, of which 240 must be client contact.
  • 1 hour of weekly individual on-site supervision.
  • Student must submit a Monthly Hours Worksheet at the end of each month of the internship Evaluations.
  • Each semester supervisors must submit an evaluation of student's work during field placement.

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