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About Online Learning

Students in GSRRE online programs progress through the curriculum completing all courses through the Internet. Courses developed for online delivery maintain the same high standards as face-to-face courses but are transformed to maximize online capabilities. The method of delivery is the only difference.

Students and faculty access their online course through a course management system called Blackboard. Each course has its own course page (web page) within Blackboard. Students and faculty login to Blackboard and link to their course. On the course page you will find Announcements about the course and links to the rest of the course content.

Within the online course, students will find a course syllabus, communication links for email, staff information, helpful resources, the main content area and discussion board. The main content area contains most of the content, presentations and instruction for the course.

Typically, as students progress through the course each week, they will hear faculty lectures, view presentations and videos, read literature, and then reflect on what they have experienced. Students may write papers, take examinations, conduct research and complete other weekly assignments and field work.

Students will engage in “active learning” through group projects, conducting interviews as well as many other interactive activities.

Additionally, students participate on a Discussion Board making the course highly interactive. Students share their insights, observations and experiences with the other students and the faculty on the Discussion Board.

Once enrolled in an online course, students will receive login and password information to gain access to their course. Additionally, students will be provided with a list of possible plug-ins to update their computers for full access to all course materials and media pieces.

Students will have access to some of the most extensive databases available to higher education through the Fordham University library. Tutorials are available to learn how to access journals and textbooks from a distance.