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First Year Experience: Integrated Learning Communities

Living and Learning with Integrated Learning Communities

Group of students in front of LC building - LGFordham College at Lincoln Center's Integrated Learning Community for first year students, commonly referred to as the First Year Experience, is an initiative that integrates Fordham's intellectual tradition with experience-based learning.

The First Year Experience Integrated Learning Community aims to provide an environment in which students are challenged to integrate academic and co-curricular endeavors. The Fordham College at Lincoln Center Integrated Learning Community's goal is to assist first year students in their transition to college in an urban setting. This is achieved through a variety of methods:

Learning Communities

The First Year Experience program is made up of 6 small, tight-knit communities, comprised of 60-80 students. They are named after social justice leaders of the 20th Century: Daniel Berrigan SJ, Dorothy Day, "Pete" Corridan SJ, Ita Ford M.M., "Mother" Hale, and Mychal Judge. Each community has student mentors who are committed to assisting students in achieving to their full potential.

Academic Component

During the summer, students have the opportunity to submit their preferences for the Eloquentia Perfecta seminar. In these small classes made up of 20 students each, first year students get to know their professor and fellow students, enhance their oral and written communication, and integrate in-class learning with extracurricular activities that take advantage of Fordham's location in the heart of New York City. Professors serve as the academic advisers for students in the seminar.

ILC Social Events and Activities

Each year, the student leaders of the Integrated Learning Communities plan and implement exciting and engaging events on campus for first year students. These events serve to complement what students learn in the classroom with fun and educational programs and activities around campus. They also serve to continue the connection between first year residents and commuters that is already established through the academic and community components of the Integrated Learning Community.