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Senior Advising

Dear Seniors,

Are you ready? Are you prepared?

I hope you enjoyed your pre-senior summer. Perhaps you gained some work experience, took an extra class or spent time with family and friends. Now that you are settling into your classes, I’m sure you are considering what life will be like post-graduation. Senior year will be exhilarating and wonderful, yet challenging. Are you prepared for those challenges? Are you ready for them? In short, I have every confidence that you will meet your challenges and do well. From academics to ethics to finding meaning in life, clearly, your Fordham experience will serve you well post-graduation. But for yourself, how will you answer these questions:

Are you ready? Are you prepared?

Before you answer, let me introduce myself. I’m Mario DiFiore, and I am delighted to be your assistant dean and senior class advisor. I, too, am coming prepared, ready to advise the senior class on academics, course selection, careers and graduate school. I do so with many years of business experience on Wall Street and at the Federal Reserve, and with teaching experience from Fordham, NYU, Pace, SUNY and Baruch. As a Fordham alumnus (FCRH ’85, GABELLI MBA ’91), I am absolutely delighted to use my insights to help advise you.

This year, we’re planning much outside the classroom: sessions with career consultants, dress-for-success workshops, corporate trips, CEO breakfasts and executives’ lectures, all of which are designed to give you a great perspective on life after graduation. Some events will be mandatory, so please focus on communications that we’ll send to you to see which those are. Further, you’ve recently received the book Getting from College to Career: 90 Things To Do Before You Join the Real World, by Lindsey Pollak. This is a great resource, and I strongly urge you to read it, make notes, and take its wisdom to heart.

So, are you ready? Are you prepared? I’m ready to advise you and am heartily looking forward to meeting each of you.

Mario J. DiFiore
Assistant Dean for Seniors
Hughes Hall, Room 419

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