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Fordham Law School collaborates with the graduate business school to offer this combined program of graduate study in law and business administration.

It is open to students in both the full-time cohort MBA and the part-time or full-time Professional MBA.

How Do You Benefit?

This program allows you to complete both degrees in as little as 3.5 years.

If you did each degree separately full-time, it would take 5 years. For part-time students, this dual-degree program reduces the timeline to 6.5 years, down from 7.5.

Students must apply and be admitted to each school separately. Students who are already enrolled in either the law school or graduate business school may be accepted into this dual-degree program anytime prior to their final year. In such a case, students may not receive full credit reduction, depending on the courses they have already taken in their primary program.

During their time at Fordham, JD/MBA students alternate their studies between the two schools. As they near the conclusion of the program of study, they may take classes in both schools concurrently.

For more information about the JD/MBA, contact the graduate business school’s Admissions Office at 212-636-6200 or