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IT Organization Chart

Fordham IT's dedicated staff are committed to supporting and enhancing Fordham University's core missions of education, research, and service.

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Office of the CIO

Interim CIO
Shaya Phillips

IT Operations Management
Joan Huberty - IT Business Svcs Supervisor

Organizational Effectiveness
Katherine S. Egan - Executive Director
Elizabeth Cornell - Director, IT Communications
Shabana Pathan - Director, Organizational Optimization

Associate VPs 
Gerard Cariffe - Enterprise Technology Services
Fleur Eshghi - Instructional Technology/Academic Computing
Roxana Callejo-Garcia - Strategic Planning and Innovation
Jason Benedict - University Information Security Office

Interim Executive Director
Charles Sanson - Software Services & Information Architecture

Executive Consultants
Judy Arteche-Carr
Joseph Sclafani

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Strategic Planning and Innovation

Associate VP
Roxana Callejo-Garcia

Innovation and Change Management
Richard Eberhardt - Director

IT Customer Care
William Shuriff - Director

Project Management Office
Ally Spencer - Director

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Instructional Technology Academic Computing

Associate VP
Fleur Eshghi

Teaching and Learning Environment
Jerry Green - Director

Faculty Technology Services
Alan Cafferkey - Director

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Software Services and Information Architecture


Strategic Application Solutions

Fordham Analytics
Rashid Khan - Director

Information Architecture
Alexander Demoleas - Senior Director

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Enterprise Technology Services

Associate VP/CTO
Gerard Cariffe

Acquisitions, Business Office and User Support
Roslyn Nedd - Director

Digital Platform Services
David Whitney - Director

Network Engineering and Operations
Unified Communication Systems

Mark McNeil - Director

User Support Services
Stephen Flynn - Director

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University Information Security Office

Associate VP/CISO
Jason Benedict

IT Risk and Integrity
Silvio Balzano - Director

IT Security
Shannon Ortiz - Director

Application Security
Mathew Tams - Director

Executive Consultant
Lynne Chernow

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