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IT Laureate Program

Fordham University and Fordham IT are committed to the discovery of wisdom and the transmission of learning through research, education, and the development of leadership in a global society.

Leadership holds a moral imperative to grow and develop persons to the best of their ability and within an institution and its mission.

Dr. Frank J. Sirianni, VP/CIO

The Fordham IT Laureate Program is a professional leadership development program designed for select Fordham IT staff. The program encourages learning about new management styles, models of engagement, project management and working collaboratively between varying departmental divisions.

The Laureate Program’s goal is to produce capable and empowered individuals throughout Fordham IT who exercise day-to-day leadership in their current positions to positively impact the organization and the University.

2019 Cohort of the Fordham IT Laureate Collaborative Program

Marcos Carrasco, Business Analyst​
Omar Cheikh, Assistant Director, IT Customer Care 
Melanie Fairfax, Executive Assistant
Muhammad Farhan, Analytics Team Lead
Heather V. Hill, Instructional Technologist
​Gregory P. Rivas, IT Security Engineer

Facilitated by Dr. Joseph Sclafani, executive partner of the VP/CIO.

Visit Laureate Alumni page for program reflections from past cohorts.