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Spam Management and Email Filters

Filter Spam and Phishing Emails

In addition to the email protection built into Gmail, Fordham University also uses email protection services from Proofpoint. This email security solution filters spam, including email that contains matches known patterns for malware and phishing.

Proofpoint applies a score to each email; the higher the score, the more likely the email is spam. When a message is identified as potential spam, it is quarantined. Quarantine Summaries are sent daily, and ONLY if something is quarantined. Fordham faculty and staff are also provided with TAP, which analyzes and blocks in real-time malicious URLs and attachments that can be sent via email


  • provides protection from spam and phishing emails
  • offers additional email filtering options
  • prevents malicious emails and other security threats
  • provides user-controlled features to manage spam that may contain malware or be from senders "phishing" for your personal information
  • allows for marking messages as spam
  • allows for marking email addresses as spam senders
  • allows for preventing accidental marking of emails as spam
  • allows adding email addresses to a safe list

Learn More

For a detailed usage guide, please consult the Reference Guide.

Video Tutorials

Basic Overview Proofpoint Quarantine Summary

Viewing Quarantined Messages

View and Editing Lists

Accessing the Web Console


No installation is required because Proofpoint is a cloud-based solution.

Quarantine Access
Proofpoint makes it simple to access all the information needed from the Quarantine Summary, which is emailed daily to each user, ONLY if email has been quarantined. There are two ways to access quarantined emails:

Accessing the Quarantine Summary from the Web Console

  1. Log into Proofpoint with your Fordham AccessIT ID and password
  2. After logging in, use the top navigation bar to
    • Find messages by Sender(From), Subject or Age
    • Mark messages as Not Spam
    • Release emails from Quarantine
    • Add senders to either a Blocklist or Safelist
  3. Use the Lists tab, located near the bottom-left-hand corner, to add email addresses to the Safe Senders List or the Blocked Senders List

Manage Quarantine Summary from your Fordham Gmail inbox

  1. Open the "Quarantine Summary" email, which contains a summary of emails that are likely spam
  2. Select one or more of the following for each email: View, Release, Release and Safelist, or mark a given email as Not Spam
  3. Click on Manage My Account to go to the web console

Proofpoint and Account Compromises

Should you notice that your account has been sending out spam or that you have clicked or replied to a suspicious email, please report it to IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 or via email to: