Unified Communications

Unified Communications means the integration of two or more communication services into a single interface. These services include telephony, video conferencing, voicemail, faxing, and email. Work on Fordham University’s new state-of-the-art unified communications system began April 2016 and is expected to complete by December 2017. Please refer to the Unified Communications Launch page for more information about the new system and a timetable for deployment of the phones.

The Fordham IT's Unified Communications Department is comprised of specialists in voice products and services. They oversee intercampus, local and long distance telephone services, maintain university-issued handsets, provide training for using the University's unified communications system.

For all telephone service requests, please contact IT Customer Care. To route your request to the proper group, IT Customer Care may need your extension number and the type of handset you use.

The information below describes dialing procedures using university phones. To make an emergency call from your university phone, dial 9 + 911.

Intracampus and Intercampus Dialing: New Cisco System

With the new system, all extensions are five digits. Under the old system, extensions were four digits.

Rose Hill (RH) extensions begin with 1.
For dialing to the entire Rose Hill campus, 1 Fordham Plaza, and all off-campus locations

  • Old RH extension: 5678
  • New RH extension: 15678

Lincoln Center (LC) extensions begin with 2.
For dialing to Lowenstein, McMahon, the Law School, Martino Hall, and 140 West 62nd St.

  • Old LC extension: 5678
  • New LC extension: 25678

Westchester campus extensions begin with 3.
For dialing to the entire Westchester Campus and the Calder Center.

  • Old Westchester extension: 5678
  • New Westchester extension: 35678

Intracampus and Intercampus Dialing: Legacy System

Intracampus Dialing
To call an extension on your campus, dial the four-digit extension of the person you wish to reach.

Intercampus Dialing
To call an extension between campuses at Fordham University, dial a steering digit + a four digit extension. For example, to call IT Customer Care from Lincoln Center, you would dial 1 + 3999.

From Lincoln Center to Rose Hill: Dial 1
From Lincoln Center to Westchester: Dial 2

From Rose Hill to Lincoln Center: Dial 8
From Rose Hill to Westchester: Dial 7

From Westchester to Lincoln Center: Dial 2
From Westchester to Rose Hill: Dial 1

Local, Long Distance, and International Calls

Local and Long Distance
Faculty and staff: Dial 9 + 1 + area code + telephone number
Students: Use a calling card to make outgoing calls.

Faculty and staff: To set up international calling, contact IT Customer Care with a budget code for chargeback purposes. Dial 9 + 011 + country code + telephone number
Students: Use a calling card to make outgoing international calls.

Residence Hall Phone Services

Alcatel phones are provided in the Campbell, Conley, and Salice Hall residences. For information on using these phones, please use the Alcatel-Lucent 8 and 9 Series Training Guide located in the Legacy Telephone Handset User Guides section.

Students who do not live in those residences must supply their own standard touch-tone phone and cord, which are connected to the jack provided in their dorm room.

Phone service includes:
Incoming calls and toll-free dialing
4-digit intracampus calling
5-digit intercampus calling
911 calls (9 + 911)