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LANDesk | Active Directory

LANDesk Management Suite (provided by Ivanti) is a set of state-of-the-art tools used to manage the lifecycle of hardware and software issued by Fordham University. LANDesk installation is mandatory for all university-owned assets, including desktop and laptop computers. The LANDesk software provides software updates and patches, as well as software deployments to university-owned equipment. LANDesk does not monitor computer files belonging to students, faculty, and staff, nor does it monitor websites they visit.


Remote Assistance
Remote Assistance is an important component of LANDesk. With the explicit permission of a community member, an IT Service Desk analyst or User Support Services technician can use LANDesk to remotely view that member's screen (the analyst only sees what the member sees) and provide instant tech support. During this process, the member and the analyst communicate over the phone.


Active Directory (AD)
Active Directory is a tool for servicing and maintaining computers at Fordham University. Active Directory ensures that security for PCs and Macs meets industry standards, facilitates nightly backup of documents and data stored on associated network drives, helps protect the security of our data and assets, and allows for network printing services. Active Directory is installed on all equipment purchased for use in University departments.