Remote Printing

Pharos Remote Print

All Fordham faculty, staff, and students can send print requests sent from your Fordham email address to a special University email account, or by going to the print center website,Pharos Remote Print. Login AccessIT ID and password, and upload your documents. 

Swipe your ID at any Pharos print release station to select and print the documents you have emailed or uploaded. Before swiping, you may need to add money to your Pharos print account. For information on pricing and how to do this, visit the Library webpage.

Remote Printing Guide

  • Your print request must come from your Fordham email address.
  • Email your document as an attachment (not to exceed 50MB in size). You may include more than one attachment in an email. 
  • Only the following document formats can be uploaded and printed: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Images, Text (CSV, RTF, & TXT), Visio.
  • Documents that include logos, signatures, and pictures will print on separate pages. These items can be deleted at the print release station. 
  • Black and white is the default print setting for print requests sent via email. Color or double-sided printing can be requested when using the remote print website, but not all printer stations can accommodate these requests. Check your printer station in advance.
  • Files may take a few minutes before they appear in the print queue after being uploaded or emailed. They will remain in the queue for 10 hours. 

If you have any problems while printing, ask library staff or a lab attendant for assistance.

Remote Printer Locations

Department teaching labs, schools, libraries, and residence halls have remote printers that will accept your email. For the most part they are not public printers. Check with your individual department or school for more information about local printers.

Campus library labs: Walsh, Quinn, and Westchester

Residence Halls at RoseHill: O'Hare, Tierney, Queens and Martyrs Court

Computer labs:
Rose Hill: Keating B9 and B25
Lincoln Center: Lowenstein 308, 306, and 304
Westchester: WC 217 and WC 220