Winter Offerings 2018

January 3–12, 2018

Winter 2018

Fordham Law School is now providing students the opportunity to take a condensed course during winter break. Students can choose from one- or two-credit class options with no additional tuition charge. The courses count towards spring enrollment. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information. For the winter courses class listing please visit the Class Schedule webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses will be offered Winter 2018?

  • Antitrust and New Technologies
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis in Agencies
  • Immigration, Enforcement, and Protection
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Global Business, National Security and the Law

Please visit the Class Schedule webpage and select the Winter 2018 link for more information.

How do I register for a winter course?
You must submit the Winter Registration form on the dates outline below. The Registrar's Office will register you within three business days. You cannot add winter courses via my.fordham.
Winter 2018 Registration Form Dates (commencing at 9:30AM each day):
Monday, November 13: LLM, MSL, 4E, 3E
Tuesday, November 14: 3D, JD Visitors
Wednesday, November: 15 2E
Thursday, November 16: 2D
Friday, November 17: open to all students

How do I drop a winter course? 
To drop a class, you must login to LawNet and EDIT your original form submission by selecting “drop” and save. You must edit the form before the deadline (January 3).  You cannot drop winter courses via my.fordham

What are the add/drop dates for winter courses?
You will be able to submit the Winter Registration form beginning on Monday, November 13 until Wednesday, January 3.  The form will not be available after January 3.  You will not be able to add/drop a course after January 3.    

Does my credit maximum change if I register for a winter course? 
Yes. Your credit maximum will be updated for the spring semester (only).

  • J.D. Day may register for 17 credits in the spring term (includes winter registration credits).
  • J.D. Evening may register for 14 credits in the spring term (includes winter registration credits).
  • LL.M. Full-Time may register for 16 credits in the spring term (includes winter registration credits).
  • LL.M. Part-Time may register for 11 credits in the spring term (includes winter registration credits).
  • M.S.L. Full-Time may register for 19 credits in the spring term (includes winter registration credits).
  • M.S.L. Part-time may register for 13 credits in the spring term (includes winter registration credits).

If you drop the winter class your credit load will be readjusted to the original capacity allowed.

How does the winter course appear on my transcript and schedule?
The winter course will be displayed on your in the spring term transcript and schedule.

Do winter courses count towards my residence credit?
Winter courses count toward spring term residence credit; the winter course does not constitute a separate term.

Does the winter course count towards my credit minimum for the spring semester?
Yes. The winter course credit(s) are part of your spring credit load.

Does the curve apply to the winter classes?
Yes, all courses are subject to the curve. The courses are graded as standard letter with the exception of the fieldwork that is pass/fail. For information on the curve, please visit section XXIII. Rules Governing Examinations, Grades, and Honors in the Academic Regulations.