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FVA Leadership

In addition to communicating with Fordham staff, free to consult with the FVA elected student leaders listed below.

Fordham Veterans Association Board

Ireni GirgisIreni Girgis, FVA President
Ireni is an English major at Fordham Lincoln Center. She plans to attend law school upon completion of her degree. She is passionate about social justice and empowering marginalized communities.

Julia WenerJulia Wener, Vice President of FVA at Rose Hill
Julia served in the Marine Corps. Julia is currently a psychology (BS) major at Fordham College and is a PTSD research assistance for a veteran's clinic in Manhattan. She is a passionate advocate for wider access to mental health care for veterans. Julia is working towards a career in social work.

Nicole Gagliano, VP of FVANicole Gagliano, Vice President of FVA at Lincoln Center
Nicole is a full-time MBA student at the Gabelli School of Business. She was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. She is studying Marketing with a secondary concentration in Communications and Media Management. Nicole served in the US Army as an Unmanned Aerial Systems Operator and previously worked as an Intelligence Research Specialist for US Customs and Border Protection.

Melanie GonzalezMelanie Gonzalez, FVA Treasurer
Melanie is pursuing an English (BA) degree with a concentration in Creative Writing at the School of Professional and Continuing Studies. She was a Levantine Arabic Linguist for the Marine Corps and grew up in Stony Brook (Long Island). Melanie is passionate about all forms of storytelling, and believes they can teach empathy, shape public thought, and enrich our lived experiences.

Siyao Janet LiSiyao "Janet" Li, FVA Communication Chief
Janet was born and raised in Sichuan, China. She moved to the United States in 2010 and joined the U.S. Army as a Health Care Specialist in 2013. Janet is currently studying Film and Television with a Fordham five-year masters track in education, with a concentration in Bilingual Education. Janet is interested in documentaries as a medium for causing larger social conversations.