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Barnes and Noble Assists Veterans

Barnes and Noble: Assisting Students-Veterans to get off to a good start
In recognition of processing backlogs at the Veterans Administration and the resultant difficulties that can be experienced by newly admitted student-veterans when book stipends are delayed, the Barnes & Noble Bookstores at the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center Campuses will provide a deferred payment option for student-veterans in their first term of study at Fordham. 

A newly enrolled Fordham student-veteran who has not yet received the VA Book Stipend in time for the start of classes may request deferred payment approval at the Bookstore for books and supplies necessary for the first term of study (other than summer terms). A copy of his/her VA Certificate of Eligibility for education benefits and a printout of the courses in which he/she has enrolled for the upcoming term must be presented at the Bookstore at the time of purchase. 

This privilege does not extend to other items (clothing, souvenirs, toiletries, etc.), will in no case exceed $500, and is not available for subsequent terms. Payment in full is expected no later than eight weeks after the start of the term.

New student-veterans so affected may communicate directly by contacting either campus:
Rose Hill -
Lincoln Center -