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Lewis Freeman


Lewis Freeman


Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 439

Office Hours
Mondays/Thursdays: 1 - 2 p.m.
Thursdays 4 - 5 p.m.
Or by appointment


PhD, Columbia University

Biography and Research Interests

Dr. Freemans research interests include communication theory & practice, children & media, media literacy, media & society, mass communication, popular culture, oral cultures, organizational communication, rhetoric & persuasion, public speaking, language & social interaction, social anxiety, vocal performance, interpersonal communication, and classroom pedagogy.

Selected Publications

Strate, L., Freeman, L., Gutierrez, P., & Lavalle, J. (2010). The future of children's television programming: A study of how emerging digital technologies can facilitate active and engaged participation and contribute to media literacy education. Washington, DC: Time Warner Cable Research Program on Digital Communications.

Freeman, L. (2009). What cities communicate to children: Lessons from the unindoctrinated. Communicative Cities Conference. Knowlton School of architecture, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. 

Freeman, L. (2008). Sitcom society: Social stratification and social mobility in situation comedy. Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag. ISBN-10: 3639012844

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses:
  • Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
  • Introduction to Media Industries
  • Theories of Media, Culture, & Society
  • Children & Media
  • Mass Communication: Theory & Research
  • TV Comedy & American Values
  • Television & Society
  • Understanding Television
  • Interactive Media
  • Effective Speaking
  • Internship Seminar

Graduate Courses:

  • Media & Social Awareness
  • Media Analysis & Criticism
  • Chidren & the Media


  • International Communication Association
  • Eastern Communication Association
  • New York State Communication Association
  • New Jersey Communication Association 
  • Media Ecology Association
  • Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction
  • National Association for Media Literacy Education
  • Children's Media Association