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Gwenyth L. Jackaway

Gwenyth Jackaway


Martino Hall, Room 710

Social Media


PhD in Communication, from the Annenberg School for Communication, at the University of Pennsylvania

MA in Communication, from Annenberg School for Communication, at the University of Pennsylvania

BA in History, from Barnard College at Columbia University 

Biography and Research Interests

Prof. Jackaway is interested in the reciprocal relationship between mediated communication and society, and the ways in which the media both shape and reflect our culture. The dominant theme of her teaching and research is this: "We make the media and the media make us". From this perspective, the study of our relationship with media forms and content is, ultimately, the study of the centrality of communication to the human experience. After years of exploring the impact of new communication technologies on established structures of meaning and power, she has become fascinated with the ways in which new media may contribute to new perspectives on the nature of reality itself.

Selected Publications

 "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: The Theory Practice Gap and the Liberal Arts Tradition", Public: Imagining America,, Volume IV Issue 1, "Arts Politics: Recognizing Scholarship in Arts and Design Practice", (forthcoming)

"Government Censorship and Freedom of Speech," in Battleground: The Media, Anderson, Robin and Jonathan Gray (Greenwood, 2008)

"Obsenity and Indecency," in Battleground: The Media, Andersen, Robin and Jonathan Gray (Greenwood, 2008) 

"Pride and Prejudice: Biphobia in the Gay Community," Out Magazine, October 2002 

"Selling Mozart to the Masses: Crossover Marketing as Cultural Diplomacy," Journal of Popular Music Studies (1999/ 2000) 

Media At War: Radio's Challenge to the Newspaper, 1924-1937, (Praeger, 1995) 

"The Press-Radio War as a Case Study in Battles Between Old and New Media," Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television, 1994 

"Mixed Reception: Initial Reactions to the Introduction of Television, 1938-1953," Culture and Communication, Vol. IV, Thomas and Evans (eds.), (Ablex, 1990) 

Courses Taught

  • Communication, Popular Culture and Philosophy
  • Freedom of Expression 
  • Children and Media
  • Communication and Culture: History, Theory and Methods