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Change the world, one student at a time.

Line of Female Students JoggingThe Jesuit commitment to education began in the 16th Century, when St. Ignatius Loyola stipulated that his schools should be “for everybody, poor and rich, “ and Fordham has a proud tradition of opening its doors to promising students of modest means. 

The Need

  • We are only able to meet about 80% of the total demonstrated need of the nearly 6500 undergraduates students eligible for need-based scholarships, and some are receiving as little as 30%.
  • Only about 30% of freshmen had their need fully met.
  • The average undergraduate student debt is over $38,000 upon graduation.
  • Large amounts of debt discourage graduates from pursuing careers in education, social services and the public sector – the professions that need men and women for others the most.
  • Scholarship endowment covers less than 7% of Fordham’s scholarship budget. The remaining 83% is siphoned from Fordham’s operating expenses and reflected in rising tuition costs.

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