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Endowed Scholarship Donors

A Night of Gratitude

We bring scholarship donors and their recipients together annually for an evening of gratitude. Our students get to say thank you to the donors whose scholarships helped them and their families make a Fordham education possible, and our scholarship donors get to see the impact their investment in Fordham will have on future generations. For many, it's their favorite event of the year.

From studying under the trellis in the plaza, to having tea and empanadas with my suitemates, to being involved in filmmaking club projects with friends, I am loving every second of being at Fordham. Even when the lonely nights hit, I simply perk my ears to the sounds of the busy city around me and I know that I am exactly where I need to be.

Gabrielle Etzel, FCLC '22
The UPS Endowed Program

I find that the Jesuit education experience is one that emphasizes acceptance, love, and inclusivity, and I feel that in my time here so far I have learned through this Jesuit education to be a man for others—a true Fordham Ram.

Samuel Caneda, FCRH '21
The William Loschert Scholarship

Where I previously doubted my capabilities, the awarding of the Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship has instilled in me a confidence and a curiosity toward my field of study that is stronger than ever before.

Kylie Rothwell, FCLC '20
The Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship

I am at home here, part of a community that encourages self-discovery, intellectual curiosity, and moral character. A community that gives back and pays it forward. 

Luke Fiore, GABELLI '19
The Albert and Barbara Costello Scholarship

I am well aware that there are many brilliant and deserving students at Fordham and it is an honor to be selected as a scholarship recipient. I strive to ensure that my donors know that they are making a good investment through my educational and extracurricular involvement.

Jennifer Dunn, GABELLI '19
The David H. Winton Memorial Endowed Scholarship