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African Studies Minor

Study Abroad in South Africa

Interdisciplinary Minor in African Studies

The purpose of this interdisciplinary minor is to provide unique opportunities for Fordham students to develop a level of expertise in African Political and Social History, Literature, Sociology, Economics, among others; learn African languages; meet with Africa's permanent representatives at the UN; and interact with and network among the diverse African population present in the city.

In addition to the requirements, students must demonstrate proficiency through the intermediate level in a language spoken on the African continent other than English such as Swahili, Twi, Zulu, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish or French; or another language approved by the director of African Studies.

It is not necessary to study abroad to earn the minor, but credit towards the minor can be earned by studying in Ghana, South Africa, Morocco, or Tanzania. Limited scholarship funds will be available to cover the cost of traveling.

This interdisciplinary minor provides a background for careers in government, business, law, foreign service, academia, and other areas. The minor also complements majors in many departments and professional schools throughout the university, such as Economics, Political Science, International Humanitarian Affairs, and Business. It is recommended to students wishing to gain an international perspective before entering the global marketplace.

Available Courses: Spring 2018

African & African American Studies

AFAM 1600 R01 Understanding Hist. Change: Africa
Edward, TF 11:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m.

AFAM 3192 C01 U.S., Africa and the Cold War
Idris, M 6:00 p.m.-8:45 p.m.

Comparative Literature

COLI 2000: Text & Context: Women and Independence in Africa
COLI 4320: Reading the Indian Ocean World


DANC 2430: West African Dance


ARAB 1501: Intermediate Arabic I
FREN 1001: Introduction to French I                                                   
FREN 1501: Intermediate French I
FREN 1502: Intermediate French II
FREN 3471: Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa
SPAN 1001: Introduction to Spanish I
SPAN 1501: Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 1502: Intermediate Spanish II