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Jacqueline Herranz Brooks


MLL Spanish professor
Lecturer in Spanish 
Faber Hall 565
SPRING 2023 Office hours (Rose Hill):
T: 4 - 5 pm, W: 1 - 4 pm. 


2021. Ph.D. Graduate Center, City University of New York. Program: Latin American,
Iberian and Latino Cultures. Dissertation: “Auto®ficción Latinx de Nueva York (1999-

2016. Master of Philosophy. Graduate Center, City University of New York.

2009. Master of Arts in Spanish. Concentration in 19th Century Latin American
Modernism. City College of New York. Master Thesis: “Juana Borrero. Una Lectura de
sus textos como espacio para la creación de su identidad autorial.”

2005. B.A. Spanish. Concentration in Puerto Rican Studies. York College. CUNY.

1990. School of Photography. Concentration in History of Photography (Escuela
Provincial de Servicios Fotográficos). Havana. Cuba.


Jacqueline Herranz Brooks is a queer Cuban literary scholar, bridging her research expertise with her visual art practice. Her interest in contemporary culture is primary to her work as a writer and educator. As an author of several books of autofiction, Jacqueline explores the process of fictionalization of personal events and focuses on the creation of intellectual personas. Her writing projects and research are informed by the counterhegemonic-experimental aesthetics of the New York Latinx hybrid practices. Her area of scholarship lays in the intersection of literary theory (autofiction) and criticism (poststructuralism, feminism), Persona Studies and Performance Studies. Among her core interests are the literature produced in Spanish in the USA, diasporic creations in New York, representation of homoerotic desire, hybridity -in genre, language, and media-, and transmediality.

Courses Taught

Span 1001
Span 1501
Span 1502
Span 2001