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Message from the Dean

Who are you going to be? What kind of a life will you lead?Robert Grimes Portrait

Fordham College at Lincoln Center might just be the right place for you to find the answer to these questions. Our faculty may not ask you these particular questions directly. But as soon as you arrive here as a freshman, they will begin to ask you some of the questions that have been helping men and women get their bearings since the first Jesuit school opened in the 16th century. 

Right away, you will be immersed in the ancient discipline of the university. You will be asked to study the philosophy of human nature, faith and critical reason, the natural and social sciences, human history, language and literature, composition and rhetoric, and the fine arts. Most compellingly, you will be asked to make sense of it all for yourself, in terms of the 21st century.

The urgency of your task is particularly evident here at Lincoln Center. Step out of our front door, onto the corner of 60th and Columbus, and you are really in the middle of it all: a film class at the New York Film Festival, an art history class at the Museum of Modern Art, a science class at the Museum of Natural History - all within walking distance of the college.

This is New York City. It's not for everybody. But I hope you have an opportunity to visit us to find out if it's for you.


The Rev. Robert R. Grimes, SJ, PhD