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Experience NYC: Urban Plunge

Students cleaning up garden - LG

Incoming first year students are invited to participate in the University's Urban Plunge program, which introduces new students to the college experience in New York City. Urban Plunge takes place two days prior to Orientation. Incoming first-year students are teamed with returning students to discuss and reflect on important issues of justice in the diverse ethnic neighborhoods of New York City.

These teams explore various city neighborhood's where, as volunteers, they perform service projects to:

  • Help combat hunger
  • Promote affordable housing
  • Educate youngsters
  • Foster community development

"Urban Plunge is a great introduction to New York City and to the Jesuit goal to be 'people for others'," said Kiyun Kim, a member of the FCLC Class of 2016. "You don't just do the projects; you think about what you've done and learn from them. Through Urban Plunge, I've made a lot of friends who share my interests. You also learn about New York and its communities through the activities in the program."

For Nick Lawton, also a member of the FCLC Class of 2016, Urban Plunge is an experience he will never forget, "The stories that were shared among all the Urban Plunge participants, and in my particular small group as well, gave me a new outlook not only on social justice, but on myself," he said. "The work we did helping some members of the New York community who are struggling opened my eyes and has allowed me to grow."

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