Freshmen Registration

Registration Information

All incoming Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) freshmen self-register for their Fall 2017 courses. Students (excluding the following majors: Dance, Theatre, Natural Science, Neuroscience) will register for a total of five (5) courses, by using DegreeWorks, responses on the required Freshman Survey, the online foreign language placement test, and guidance from the Dean of Freshmen: Dr. Joseph Desciak.

Eloquentia Perfecta 1 Seminar (EP1)

All first-year students take a seminar course Eloquentia Perfecta, a long-valued tradition of Jesuit education meaning "right reason expressed effectively, responsibly, and gracefully." These seminars are offered in a variety of courses (such as history, philosophy, sociology, art, music, theology, anthropology, and theatre). Eloquentia Perfecta students develop skills in oral and written expression, which will serve them well in college and beyond.

Core Courses

The Core Curriculum is the foundation of Fordham College at Lincoln Center's liberal arts education. This set of carefully-curated courses is designed to nurture curiosity and inspire a love of learning. Students begin with a series of introductory courses, designed to acquaint them with the ideas and methodologies of nine major academic fields of study

View two listings, one of EP1 courses available in Fall 2017 and the other of core courses (non-EP1) available in Fall 2017

IMPORTANT: Students should all choose one (and only one) EP1 course and students should not select two courses in the same subject area. For example, if you choose an "Understanding Historical Change" courses as your EP1, then choose a Fine Arts or Social Science as your core course selection.