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About Us

LC Honors Program ClassroomFordham College at Lincoln Center has one of the premier honors programs in the nation. We admit approximately 16 students per year.  We don’t take applications; admission into the program is by invitation only. 

If you’ve been invited to join the honors program at Fordham, we’re sure you’ve also received other offers from other fine academic institutions. But we’re comfortable saying that no one else can offer what we do. We’re also confident that you can go anywhere after the honors program at Lincoln Center.

In the honors program, you will receive an unparalleled educational experience, one that will open your heart, stretch your mind, and prepare you for the work of transforming the world.

As an honors student at Fordham, you will be challenged to explore your values, to excel academically, and to seize the unique research and internship opportunities that come with studying in one of the world’s great cities. You will be challenged to discover who you are—and who you can be. In the process, you will gain the knowledge, skills, confidence, and experience to flourish in any career, as well as succeed in graduate or professional school. “Your peers will push you; your professors will inspire you.” Dante Frontani, FCLC class of ’16.

Recent graduates have gone on to diverse professions in medicine and law; careers at AIG and KPMG; and work with the Peace Corps and Union Theological Seminary.  Our students have gone on to the Max Planck Institute; Yale, NYU, Michigan, Georgetown, and other law schools; doctoral studies at Harvard; and the School of Engineering at Columbia University, as well as careers in medicine, business, humanitarian affairs, education, writing, and the arts. Honors graduates have earned many prestigious awards, including the Fulbright, Clare Boothe Luce, NYC Urban Fellow, and Beinecke Scholarship.

The honors program has its own accelerated core curriculum, allowing students to move more quickly to advanced work. As you progress, the program’s emphasis shifts from coursework to independent research. The first year includes specially designed seminars in:

  • Literature, focusing on writers and works connected with New York City
  • Faith and Critical Reason, considering the central questions at the heart of human concern with ultimate things
  • The Making of Modern Europe, providing an analytical overview of European history from the 16th century to the present
  • Philosophy of Human Nature, introducing students to critical reflection on mental and physical aspects of being in relation to questions of agency and ethics
  • Eloquentia Perfecta, focusing on speech, rhetoric, and written expression
  • Natural Science I, exploring how energy and matter interact through the four fundamental forces to shape our universe
  • Natural Science II, examining logic, information, and the workings of cells, computers, and the brain

The second year of the program includes specially designed classes in the social sciences, theology, history, and art history.  In the junior and senior year, you will engage in independent research projects, study abroad opportunities, and/or internships, as well as complete a senior thesis in your primary area of study.