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Short-term Programs


Fordham University's summer programs run for four to eight weeks and allow those who cannot commit to a semester or full-year abroad to incorporate a global experience into their education. Our study abroad staff work with Fordham faculty to develop exciting and immersive courses with specific host city and diverse academic themes in mind.

Spring 2019 Classes with Travel Component

In collaboration with Fordham faculty, we will be offering Spring 2019 courses with a required travel component attached to the class. You can register for the courses during normal Fordham course registration in November. Please note: these experiences include a program fee and you must contact the professor in order to register for the class.

CLAS 4050: Ancient Roman Cities
Description: This course provides a selective historical and on-site survey of the ancient city of Rome and the area around the Bay of Naples (Pompeii and Vesuvius). It is structured in two parts: first, we will meet four times in lengthy, two-hour seminars over the course of the semester to prepare ourselves for the actual study-tour on the Italian peninsula in May. In Italy itself we will take advantage of on-site visits to enrich our understanding of ancient Roman cities, in particular Rome—the urbs aeterna—Ostia (the Roman Port), and the settled area around the Bay of Naples. As an interdisciplinary capstone course, this seminar will focus primarily on exploring the complex relationship between history, art, and archaeology. To that end, we will aim to understand the monuments and material culture we study—e.g. buildings, sculpture, painting, inscriptions, etc.—in relation to developments in architecture, politics, literature, philosophy, artistic production, and the study of antiquity. In addition, we hope to gain a sophisticated appreciation for how ancient Roman cities—in particular Rome itself—grew and survived over time and how they have been preserved, lost, and regained in the modern era. By focusing on the ancient period in the long life of Rome, we will engage key questions in urban history and archaeology and the study of the Roman world: for example, what are the relationships among social and political structures—e.g. religion, gender, government—and the physical structures of the city? How does the Mediterranean context and Rome’s later role as imperial power shape the city? Who lived in Rome, Ostia, & Pompeii; how did they live; and how can we come to know about them?
CRN: 35501
Instructor: Matthew McGowan
Travel: May 19-29, 2019 (just following Fordham's commencement)
Location: Rome, Italy

HIST 4048: Seminar and Study Tour: Israel: History, Society Politics and Culture
Description: The course will be composed of three distinct parts. In part I will be composed of weekly seminars on assigned readings on Wednesday afternoons at the Lincoln Center campus. In part II the students and faculty will travel to Israel during spring break for study tour of Israel, its conflicts and cultures. In part III, after our return, the students will write their individual research paper and meet individually with the instructor. The course satisfies the ICC and Global requirements of the Fordham core curriculum, and the final paper will satisfy the senior essay requirement for the International Studies major. I am attaching the tentative syllabus of the course.
CRN: 35554
Instructor: Doron Ben-Atar
Travel: March 13-25, 2019 (Spring Break)
Location: Israel

MVST/HIST 4998: Study Tour - Medieval Spain
Description: The Camino de Santiago is the traditional pilgrimage route from France across northwestern Spain to Santiago de Compostela, the legendary burial site of St. James. One of the great medieval pilgrimages and the greatest surviving itinerary for medieval monuments and landscapes, it has enjoyed a remarkable revival in recent years, attracting European Union sponsorship, the attention of media stars, and hundreds of thousands of walkers and pilgrims. In this two-week study tour, participants will walk the route, and meet each day for lectures and discussion of the medieval and pre-modem monuments along the route. The group will meet periodically during the spring 2019 semester to discuss reading assignments and prepare for the walk. An extended essay is required at the end of the course.
CRN: MVST 4998: 37095, HIST 4998: 37096
Instructor: Maria (Christina Bruno)
Travel: this course will travel just following Fordham's commencement in May
Location: Camino de Santiago in Spain

SERV 1000: Community Health in Cali, Colombia
Description: This program is specifically designed for pre-health students. It allows those interested in exploring medicine through a different lens and opens our student's eyes to different health practices in Colombia. Students practice various medical procedures in a state of the art simulation hospital on Javeriana Cali's beautiful campus. They will spend the week with local med students their age, visit public and private hospitals and clinics, spend time in rural communities and learn about Colombia's rich culture through various service projects and cultural workshops.
Instructor: Usha Sankar
Applications must be completed by November 15
March 17 - 24, 2019 (Spring Break)
Location: Cali, Colombia

Summer 2019

Fordham's summer programs are open to undergraduates from any discipline currently seeking a degree at a US institution. Applicants must have at least sophomore standing at the time of application, a GPA of 3.0 or above, and a clear disciplinary record. Seniors are not permitted to study abroad in the summer following graduation.

Fordham London Centre

Located in the heart of one of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in the world, Fordham’s London Centre in Kensington Square is the site of an exciting and innovative summer study abroad program. You can choose from business courses, liberal arts courses, or a program that combines academics with an invaluable internship experience.

Language Programs

Fordham has designed summer language courses in Spain which allow you to gain cultural immersion and language instruction outside of the traditional classroom. These classes will be attractive to students who want to live with local families and become more proficient in Spanish.

Rome Athenaeum
Fordham University offers an array of short-term summer courses in Rome, Italy. The Fordham Rome Athenaeum program is located at St. John's University's Rome campus, centrally located in the Prati district, close to the Vatican and other historic sites.

Non-Fordham Summer Courses
If you are interested in applying to a summer course outside of the Fordham Short term Program roster, you must complete our Study Abroad application as well as an application through the University or company that your program is administered from.

Cost and Funding
For more information about summer program costs please visit our cost and funding page. Additionally, please visit our scholarship page if you are interested in applying for financial need, and academic merit-based funding to supplement the cost of our full-term summer programs.