Short Term Programs

Student Overlooking City

Fordham University's short-term study abroad programs typically range from two to four weeks and allow those who cannot commit to a semester or full-year abroad to incorporate a global experience into their education. Our study abroad staff work with Fordham faculty to develop exciting and immersive courses with specific host city and diverse academic themes in mind. 

Spring 2018 

These courses have travel components built into the syllabi which complement what you learn throughout the semester on campus. 
**Only Fordham University students are eligible to register.**

CLAS 4051 - Ancient Greece: Classical Study Tour (ICC)
Instructor: Sarah Peirce and Jennifer Udell
Travel Component: Greece
Dates of travel: May 20-29, 2018 

MVST/HIST 4998 - Medieval Spain 
Instructor: William (David) Myers
Travel Component: Walking the Camino in Spain
Dates of Travel: May 23, 2018- June 08, 2018

MLAL 3504 - Berlin Tales: Germany's Kiez
Instructor: Maria Ebner
Travel Component: Berlin, Germany
Dates of Travel: March 21, 2018-March 28, 2018

Summer 2018 

Fordham's short-term programs are open to undergraduates from any discipline currently seeking a degree at a US institution. Applicants must have at least sophomore standing at the time of application, a GPA of 3.0 or above, and a clear disciplinary record. 

Fordham London Centre

Located in the heart of one of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in the world, Fordham’s London Centre in Kensington Square is the site of an exciting and innovative summer study abroad program. You can choose from business courses, liberal arts courses, or a program that combines academics with an invaluable internship experience. 

Summer Liberal Arts
Summer Internship Program
Summer Gabelli School of Business

Language Programs

Fordham has designed summer language courses in Spain and Morocco which allow you to gain cultural immersion and language instrcuction outside of the traditional classroom. These classes will be attractive to students who want to live with local families and become more proficient in either Spanish or Arabic. 

Arabic Immersion in Morocco
Spanish Immersion in Granada, Spain

Rome Athenaeum

Fordham University offers an array of short-term summer courses in Rome, Italy. The Fordham Rome Athenaeum program is located at St. John's University's Rome campus, centrally located in the Prati district, close to the Vatican and other historic sites. 

Non-Fordham Summer Courses

If you are interested in applying to a summer course outside of the Fordham Short term Program roster, you must complete an application on our website as well as an application through the University or company that your program is administered from. 

Cost and Funding

For more information about Short term program costs please visit our cost and funding page. Additionally, please visit our scholarship page if you are interested in applying for financial need, and academic merit-based funding to supplement the cost of our full-term summer programs.