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John van Buren

Professor, Philosophy
Director, Environmental Studies
Collins Hall, Room 111


B.A., St. Thomas University
M.A., University of New Brunswick
Ph.D., McMaster University

Research Interests

Environmental Philosophy
Environmental Studies
Historiography of Philosophy
Continental Philosophy
Ancient Philosophy


Greek Natural Philosophy: The Presocratics And Their Importance For Environmental Philosophy (Cognella Press)

The Young Heidegger: Rumor of the Hidden King (Indiana University Press)

Reading Heidegger from the Start: Essays in His Earliest Thought (SUNY Press)

Martin Heidegger, Supplements: From the Earliest Essays to Being and Time and Beyond (SUNY Press)

Martin Heidegger, Ontology—The Hermeneutics of Facticity (Indiana University Press)

"Environmental Hermeneutics Deep in the Forest" in Clingerman et al, Interpreting Nature: The Emerging Field of Environmental Hermeneutics (Fordham University Press)

"Critical Environmental Hermeneutics," Environmental Ethics (17).

"Aristotle Luther Heidegger: A Forgotton Path of Thought. In Memorian Otto Pöggeler," Existentia: International Journal of Philosophy (XXVI)

Editor, SUNY Press Books Series, Environmental Philosophy and Ethics

Jason Wirth, Mountains, Rivers, and the Great Earth: Reading Gary Snyder and Dogen in an Age of Ecological Crisis

David Storey, Naturalizing Heidegger: His Confrontation with Nietzsche, His Contributions to Environmental Philosophy

Brian Treanor, Emplotting Virtue: A Narrative Approach to Environmental Virtue Ethics

Marcel Conche, Philosophizing ad Infinitum: Infinite Nature, Infinite Philosophy

Eheresa Morris, Hans Jonas's Ethic of Responsibility: From Ontology to Ecology

David Macauley, Elemental Philosophy: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as Environmental Ideas

Anthony Weston, The Incomplete Eco-Philosopher: Essays from the Edges of Environmental Ethics

Brett Buchman, Onto-Ethologies: The Animal Environments of Uexkull, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, and Deleuze

Lisa Sideris and Kathleen Dean Moore, Rachel Carson: Legacy and Challenge

Noel Charlton, Understanding Gregory Bateson: Mind, Beauty, and the Sacred Earth

Charles Brown and Ted Toadvine, Nature's Edge: Boundary Explorations in Ecological Theory and Practice

Greg Kennedy, An Ontology of Trash: The Disposable and Its Problematic Nature

Frank Schalow, The Incarnality of Being: The Earth, Animals, and the Body in Heidegger's Thought

J. Claude Evans, With Respect for Nature: Living as Part of the Natural World

Freya Mathews, Reinhabiting Reality: Towards a Recovery of Culture

Hugh McDonald, John Dewey and Environmental Philosophy

Freya Mathews, For Love of Matter: A contemporary Panpsychism

Robert Frodeman, Geo-Logic: Breaking Ground between Philosophy and the Earth Science

Charles Brown, Ted Toadvine, Eco-Phenomenology: Back to the Earth Itself

Wayne Ouderkirk and Jim Hill, Land, Value Community: Callicott and Environmental Philosophy