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Andrew Simons

Assistant Professor of Economics

Rose Hill Campus: Dealy Hall E-506
Phone: 718-817-4054


Cornell University, Applied Economics and Management, Ph.D., 2016.
Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, M.P.A. in International Development, 2004.
Taylor University, Biology, B.A., magna cum laude., 2001.


Economic Development, Social Innovation, and Environmental Economics. 


Selected Publications

What is a Meal?: Comparative Methods of Auditing Carbon Offset Compliance for Fuel-Efficient
. Stephen Harrell, Theresa Beltramo, Garrick Blalock, Juliet Kyayesimira, David I. Levine,
and Andrew M. Simons. Ecological Economics, (2016) 128: 8-16.
The Effect of Marketing Messages and Payment Over Time on Willingness to Pay for Fuel-Efficient
. Theresa Beltramo, Garrick Blalock, David I. Levine, and Andrew M. Simons. Journal of
Economic Behavior & Organization, (2015) 118: 333-345.
Does Peer Use Influence Adoption of Efficient Cookstoves?: evidence from a randomized controlled
trial in Uganda
. Theresa Beltramo, Garrick Blalock, David I. Levine, Andrew M. Simons. Journal of
Health Communication, (2015) 20(S1): 55-66.
Comparing Methods for Signal Analysis of Temperature Readings from Stove Use Monitors. Andrew
M. Simons, Theresa Beltramo, Garrick Blalock, and David I. Levine. Biomass and Bioenergy, (2014)
70: 476-488.
Filling the Phosphorus Fertilizer Gap in Developing Countries. Andrew M. Simons, Dawit Solomon,
Worku Chibssa, Garrick Blalock, and Johannes Lehmann. Nature Geoscience, (2014) 7(1): 3-3.