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Philosophy Faculty, Students, and Staff


Babich, Babette
Email: babich [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-6297
Office: LL 925H
Interests: Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Science

Ballantyne, Nathan
Associate Professor
Email: nballantyne [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3274
Office: CO 119
Interests: Epistemology

Baur, Michael
Associate Professor
Email: mbaur [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3295
Office: CO 128
Interests: Modern Philosophy, German Idealism, Phil. of Law

Cullen, Christopher, SJ
Associate Professor 
Email: ccullen [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-7926
Office: LL 915D
Interests: Medieval Philosophy

Davenport, John
Email: davenport [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-2775
Office: CO 125
Interests: Ethics, Philosophy of Action

Davies, Brian
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
Email: davies [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3285
Office: CO 129
Interests: Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

Drummond, John J.
Robert Southwell SJ Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and the Humanities
Email: drummond [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3332
Office: CO 123
Interests: Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind, Value Theory, Ethics

Flynn, Jeffrey
Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, LC
Email: jeflynn [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-7928
Office: LL 921F
Interests: Critical Theory, Political Philosophy

Gowans, Christopher
Email: gowans [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3275
Office: CO 137
Interests: Moral Philosophy, Asian Spiritual Philosophies, especially Buddhism

Green, Judith
Email: jmgreen [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3281
Office: CO 131
Interests: American Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Feminism

Grimm, Stephen
Email: sgrimm [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3282
Office: CO 113
Interests: Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Ethics

Gschwandtner, Christina, M.
Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, RH
Email: gschwandtner [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3319
Office: CO 115
Interests: Continental Philosophy of Religion, Hermeneutics

Haddad, Samir
Associate Professor
Email: sahaddad [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-2767
Office: CO 133
Interests: Continental Philosophy

Ege Selin Islekel
Assistant Professor
Email: eislekel [at] fordham [dot] edu
Office: Collins 112
Interests: 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Aesthetics

Johnson, Brian
Associate Professor
Email: brjohnson [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-6394
Office: LL 921F
Interests: Ancient Philosophy

Jones, Judith
Associate Professor
Email: jujones [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3304
Office: CO 130
Interests: American Philosophy, Process Philosophy

Klima, Gyula
Email: klima [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3286
Office: CO 109
Interests: Medieval Philosophy, Semantics, Metaphysics

Kopajtic, Lauren
Assistant Professor and Placement Director
Email: lkopajtic [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3273
Office: CO 114
Interests: Early Modern Philosophy, History of Ethics

Miller, Dana
Associate Professor
Email: dmiller [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3292
Office: CO 135
Interests: Ancient Philosophy

Pini, Giorgio
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Email: pini [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-7676 / 718-817-2779
Office: LL 917G / CO 127
Interests: Medieval Philosophy

Seymour, Amy
Assistant Professor
Email: aseymour3 [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-6391
Office: LL 916C
Interests: Metaphysics

Smyth, Nicholas
Assistant Professor
Email:  nsmyth1 [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3321
Office: CO B25
Interests: Ethics, Moral Psychology

Specker Sullivan, Laura
Assistant Professor
Email: lspeckersullivan [at] fordham [dot] edu
Interests: Biomedical Ethics, Normative Ethical Theory, Japanese Comparative Philosophy

Tan, Peter
Assistant Professor
Email: ptan8 [at] fordham [dot] edu
Interests: Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Epistemology

Tress, Daryl
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Email: tress [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3311
Office: CO 103
Interests: Ancient Philosophy

van Buren, John
Email: evanburen [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3301
Office: CO 111
Interests: Continental Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy

Whitney, Shiloh
Associate Professor
Email: swhitney [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-6189
Office: LL 913A
Interests: Continental Philosophy, Feminism

Winegar, Reed
Associate Professor
Email: bwinegar [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-2987
Office: CO 107
Interests: Kant, Early Modern Philosophy, German Idealism

Emeritus Faculty

Kelbley, Charles
Associate Professor of Philosophy Emeritus
Email: kelbley [at] fordham [dot] edu

Westphal, Merold
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Emeritus
Email: westphal [at] fordham [dot] edu


Begun, Michael
Phone: 718-817-4700
Office: KE 201

Burke, Mark, SJ
Email: mburke23 [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-6391
Office: LL 916C

DaVia, Carlo
Email: davia [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-6391
Office: LL 916C
Interests: Hermeneutics, Ancient Philosophy, Ethics

Opsasnick, Philip
Phone: 212-636-6242
Office: LL 924

Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellows

Brennan, Johnny
Office: CO 139

Emery, Vita
Office: CO 139

Proust, Jeanne
Email: jproust [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3271
Office: CO 110

Adjunct Faculty

Blazej, Adam
Office: CO 139

Chambers, Drew
Office: CO 139

Cormier, Robbie
Office: LL 301

Cuen, Humberto
Email: hcuen [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3305
Office: CO B6

Gray, Kevin
Office: LL 924

Grunner, David
Office: CO 139

Hardman, Sara
Email: shardman1 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Joshi, Vik
Office: LL 924

Kryluk, Michael
Email: mkryluk [at] fordham [dot] edu

Lebanidze, Giorgi
Email: glebanidze [at] fordham [dot] edu
Office: KE 118

Matar, Mariam
Office: CO 139

Mehrgan, Omid
Office: CO 139

Metzger, Nathan
Email: nmetzger [at] fordham [dot] edu
Office: Westchester Campus

Mitchell, James
Email: jamitchell [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-4600
Office: KE 118

O'Dowd, Kyle
Office: LL 924

Opsasnick, Philip
Email: popsasnick [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-6391
Office: LL 916C

Percesepe, Gary
Email: gpercesepe [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-3305
Office: CO B6

Richmond, Daniel
Office: CO 139

Schafer, David

Sullivan, Rebecca
Office: LL 924

Trybendis, James
Office: LL 924

van Buren, Eileen
Email: egrieco [at] fordham [dot] edu

Varrato, Roy
Phone: 718-817-3270
Office: CO 139

Welch, Kirsten
Email: kwelch8 [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-6391
Office: LL916C

Wills, David, C.
Email: dwills2 [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 718-817-2600
Office: KE 118

PhD Students

Alumni Dissertation Fellow

Daugs, Gwen
Phone: 718-817-3570
Office: Walsh Library

Research Fellowship

Bailey, Dylan

Tomasic Research Fellow

Boor, Kelsey

Senior Teaching Fellow

Shepardson, Douglas

Sooy, Nicholas
Office: CO 139

Teaching Fellows

Au-Mullaney, Michael
Email: maumullaney [at] fordham [dot] edu

Bresee, Kathryn
Email: kbresee [at] fordham [dot] edu
Interests: Epistemology, Hermeneutics, Contemporary Thomism

Bruce, Kenneth
Office: CO 139

Carter, Preston
Email: pcarter7 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Cassara, Bruno
Email: bcassara [at] fordham [dot] edu

Coyle, Ciaran
Email: ccoyle9 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Daru, Hannah
Office: CO 139

DeSantis, Richard
Email: rdesantis5 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Ferguson, Stephen
Email: sferguson6 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Fior, Lia
Office: CO 139

Glaser, Matthew
Email: mglaser7 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Guin, Ginger
Email: gguin [at] fordham [dot] edu

Hahn, Noah
Email: nhahn2 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Krause, Gage
Office: CO 139

Lake, Allysa
Email: alake6 [at] fordham [dot] edu

MacDougall, John Gregor
Email: jmacdougall [at] fordham [dot] edu
Interests: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion

McIntosh, Nicholas
Office: CO 139

Myers, Christopher
Email: cmyers18 [at] fordham [dot] edu
Interests: Philosophy of History, Critical Theory, Social and Political Philosophy

Norita, Nicholas
Office: CO 139

Pope, Sara
Email: spope6 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Racine, R. Maxwell
Email: rracine [at] fordham [dot] edu

Rajagopal, Sanjana
Email: srajagopal [at] fordham [dot] edu

Schweiger, Marcus
Email: mschweiger [at] fordham [dot] edu

Smith, Brenton
Email: bsmith86 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Tokay, Ela
Office: CO 139

Wang, Anya
Email: awang64 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Teaching Associates

Gruber, Joseph
Email: jgruber3 [at] fordham [dot] edu
Interests: History of Philosophy, Hermeneutics, German Idealist Tradition, Phenomenology

Grunner, David
Email: grunner [at] fordham [dot] edu
Interests: 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Literature, Philosophical Aesthetics

PhD Students

Berry, Nicholas
Email: nberry3 [at] fordham [dot] edu
Interests: Ethics, Philosophy of Action

Brewer, Marshawn

Davis, Charles Stafford

Emrich, Christian
Email: cemrich [at] fordham [dot] edu

Emrich, Emma
Email: eschmitt7 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Fior, Lia
Email: lfior [at] fordham [dot] edu

Halstead, Christian

Ildiz, Berk Emir
Email: bildiz [at] fordham [dot] edu
Interests: Logic, Metaphysics, 20th Century French Existentialism

Kizilkaya, Ebru

Levander, Tore

Mayorga, Layla

McAllister, Jenna

Pederson, Grant

Delgado Poveda, Daniel

Steiner, Corey
Email: csteiner8 [at] fordham [dot] edu
Interests: 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Aesthetics

Wolatz, Clarissa
Email: cwolatz [at] fordham [dot] edu

Yu, Luyuan
Email: lyu64 [at] fordham [dot] edu

MA Students

Bartosic, Albert
Email: abartosic [at] fordham [dot] edu

Cui (Elle), Zixuan
Email: zcui7 [at] fordham [dot] edu

Gioia, Paul
Email: pgioia [at] fordham [dot] edu

Jessop, Conner

Johnson, Matthew

Joukhajian, Khachig
Email: kjoukhajian [at] fordham [dot] edu

Kelleher, Molly

Maguire, Isabella
Email: imaguire [at] fordham [dot] edu

Santolaya Fabiani, Javier

Zhang, Taoran
Email: tzhang169 [at] fordham [dot] edu


Foti, Eve
Senior Executive Secretary
Phone: 718-817-3270
Office: CO 101

O'Connor, Annmarie
Senior Executive Secretary
Email: aoconnor23 [at] fordham [dot] edu
Phone: 212-636-6391
Office: LL 916

Valentine, Lavasia
Assistant Director of Philosophy Administration
Phone: 718-817-3272
Office: CO 105