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For a full, detailed list of all upcoming events, see our Philosophy Gateway page. For lists of events that are filtered by type (lecture, workshop, etc.), see below.


The philosophy department sponsors regular lecture series that bring in eminent philosophers from the NYC area and beyond. Recent lecturers include Judith Butler, Philip Kitcher, and Christine Korsgaard.

See our "All Lectures" page for a full list of upcoming lectures. For lecture lists filtered by lecture series, follow the links below:

Workshops, Reading Groups, and Conferences

Outside of the lecture hall, Fordham and non-Fordham philosophers regularly discuss papers at workshops, reading group meetings, and conferences. For a list of upcoming conferences, see our "All Conferences" page; for a list of upcoming workshops and reading group meetings featuring a speaker, see our "All Workshops" page. See also the following lists which are filtered by workshop/reading group:

For descriptions of our workshops and reading groups, see our Workshops and Reading Groups page.