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MA in Public Media Core Courses

All students must take 5001, and will take either 5002 or 5003 according to their specialization.

PMMA 5001 - Public Media Theory and Practice
This course traces the development of public broadcasting in the United States and abroad, with particular focus on the ways in which these organizations have defined the "public" in response to changing social, political, economic, and technological factors.

PMMA 5002 - Public Journalism
This course covers the theories, history, and main conventions of public service and nonprofit journalism. It explores the basic forms that public service journalism takes today in broadcast, print, and on the Internet.


PMMA 5003 - Strategic Communication
This course provides an introduction and overview of the field of strategic communication, covering topics such as communication within and between organizations; persuasion, promotion, and public relations; and the planning and development of coordinated communication campaigns utilizing various modes, forms, and technologies of communication.