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HEOP Admission and Financial Aid

How to Apply
There is no separate application for HEOP; students should submit the Common Application and the required admission materials. See what’s required.

On the Common Application, students should indicate interest in HEOP by answering “Yes” to the question: “Do you wish to be considered for the Higher Education Opportunity Program?”

Applicants can apply Early Action (November 1 deadline) or Regular Decision (January 1 deadline). Admission decisions for HEOP are released between February-April.

Transfer students should contact the HEOP Office directly for information on the transfer admission process and space availability.

Admission Process
After the application is received, Fordham’s Office of Undergraduate Admission determines if the applicant is admissible to the University through general admission. Applicants who are not academically admissible may be considered for admission through Fordham’s Higher Education Opportunity Program. If their application is continuing with the HEOP review process, applicants are invited for an interview. Due to size limitations, not all eligible students are selected for the program.

Financial Aid
HEOP students receive a financial aid package which typically consists of funds from HEOP, Tuition Assistance Program, PELL, college grant, campus-based aid, Stafford Loans, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and College Work Study Program. Self-support in the form of summer savings and a limited amount of part-time work may also be part of the financial aid package. The financial aid package will include HEOP funds to cover a part of personal expenses and books.