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Appendix 3: Faculty Policies

Appendix 3d: Procedures for Faculty Meetings

Unless superseded by the University Statutes, the following basic rules of procedure should be followed in the operation of faculty meetings and committees.  Academic units are not free to dispense with these rules, but can adopt more stringent rules.  It is expected that meetings will be conducted in an orderly fashion, with due regard for the rights of all participants.  In particular, care should be taken that:

  1. In addition to the usual procedures for calling a meeting by the chairpersons, there should be clearly stated procedures for calling a meeting by a representative faculty group.
  2. Normally agenda and committee reports should be published before the meeting.
  3. There should be clear procedures for faculty input into the agenda of the meetings.
  4. There should be provisions for minority reports from schools, divisions, departments, areas, or individuals.
  5. There should be provision for putting issues to a vote during a meeting if a member desires it.
  6. Minutes of meetings should normally be taken, approved, and published.