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Appendix 3: Faculty Policies

Appendix 3e: Faculty Development

1. Each faculty unit (school or department) will draft or review a statement of procedures and standards for re-appointment, tenure, and promotion, including appointments of current faculty to endowed or named professorships, for use in this unit. This statement will be approved by vote of the faculty of that unit by November 1st of each year.  The unit will then file this statement with the Provost, the Dean(s), and the Faculty Senate Office.  If the Deans disagree with the statement or procedures and standards established by the Department or School, consultation and agreement between the Dean and the Department or School must occur by December 1.  If no agreement is reached, the matter will be referred to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate for resolution.  All statements generated by a particular faculty unit must be in accord with the University Statutes, whatever further specifications they provide regarding procedure or standards.

2. Once approved, the statement will be sent annually by the head of each unit to every member of that unit's faculty.  The statement should give a clear account of the unit's procedures in personnel matters and should record the unit's understanding of expectations in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service, in order to provide a set of standards upon which questions of re-appointment, tenure, and promotion will be examined.  It is intended that these statements will thus support and promote good policies and practices with regard to faculty development.

3. The standards that are in place at the time of original hiring will remain determinative for subsequent personnel decisions for a given individual through the time of a tenure decision, regardless of any changes that a department or academic unit may decide upon afterwards.