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Academic Policies and Procedures

Formal Procedure

Step I: Division-wide

A. An alleged grievance must be brought in writing to the attention of the Division Chairperson within ten (10) school calendar days from the time of the incident.

B. The Division Chairperson will consult with the parties involved concerning the charges. The Chairperson may also consult with others not involved in the charges. It is expected that this process will be completed within fifteen (15) school calendar days after the student(s) submit(s) a written statement to the Chairperson.

C. The Chairperson will make recommendations for a solution of the grievance to all parties directly involved.

[Note: If the grievance relates to a decision of a Chairperson, then the grievance review will begin at the school-wide level (Step II)

Step II: School-wide

A. If Step I fails to resolve the grievance, either party may request a school-wide grievance review. Requests for a school-wide hearing must be submitted in writing to the Dean within ten (10) school calendar days of the conclusion of the divisional process. Requests should include: a concise summary of the charge(s) an explanation of why the divisional process was considered unsatisfactory

B. A Grievance Committee composed of two faculty members and one student from each division will conduct the school-wide review. This committee will be constituted at the beginning of each school calendar year.

C. The Dean will schedule the Grievance Committee to convene within fifteen (15) school calendar days after receipt of the written request, and notify the parties concerned of the date.

D. The committee must receive a full written statement of the grievance and pertinent substantiating information from both the aggrieved and the unit or person charged at least five (5) days before the review date. All review procedures will be restricted to the parties involved.

E. The Grievance Committee process will take no longer than twenty (20) school calendar days.

F. The parties will be given an opportunity to attend the meeting and to present information to the Grievance Committee.

G. The Grievance Committee will render a written statement of findings with recommendations for appropriate remedies within ten (10) school calendar days.

H. The Dean will inform the concerned parties of the decision in writing within ten (10) school calendar days.

Step III: University-wide

A. If either the aggrieved or the individual(s)/division against whom charges have been brought feels that the matter has not been resolved, either party may appeal in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs within ten (10) school calendar days after being informed of the Dean's decision.

B. The Vice President will review the grievance process to decide whether proper procedures were followed, or if new evidence not available in Step II is being presented. The Vice President can return the grievance to the Dean for further investigation or uphold the decision. The concerned parties will be notified of the Vice President's actions and decisions within twenty (20) school calendar days of the receipt of the appeal.

C. The Vice President's decision is the final determination of the University, and not subject to further appeal.