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Recent Updates Fordham offices remain staffed and operating remotely. The University has released its plan, Fordham Forward, to resume in-person teaching and learning for the Fall semester. Full Details

Faculty Committees


Jane Bolgatz, Justin Coles, Margo Jackson, Margaret Orr, Joseph Ponterotto, Kip Thompson, Shannon Waite


Marilyn Bisberg, Jacqueline Bocachica Gonzalez, Merle Keitel, Arlene Moliterno, Margaret Orr, Shannon Waite


John Craven, Jacqueline Bocachica Gonzalez, Arlene Moliterno, Mitch Rabinowitz, Tamique Ridgard


John Craven, Jennie Park-Taylor, Shannon Waite

Doctoral Planning

Gerald Cattaro, Teresa Colmenares, Annie George-Puskar, Molly Ness, Aida Neverez-La Torre, Margaret Orr, Lori Wolff

Financial Planning

Gerald Cattaro, Su-Je Cho, Aida Nevarez-La Torre, Margaret Orr, Joseph Ponterotto


Gerald Cattaro, Eric Chen, Alesia Moldavan, Molly Ness, Diane Rodriguez


Fran Blumberg, Gerald Cattaro, Su-Je Cho, Justin Coles, Yi Ding, Tiedan Huang


Marilyn Bisberg, Teresa Colmenares, Jacqueline Bocachica Gonzalez, Tiedan Huang, Alesia Moldavan, Thanos Patelis, Chun Zhang

Quality of Teaching/Professional Development

Annie George-Puskar, Alea Holman, Thanos Patelis, Diane Rodriguez