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Elizabeth Casey


Liz Casey

Director of Field-Based Experience and Accountability

113 West 60th Street
Room 1008E

Office Hours: Please email to set up an appointment.

Ms. Casey as Director of Field-Based Experience and Accountability oversees operations and provides administrative support to all aspects of field-based/clinical experiences for the School Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, and Counseling Psychology Programs.

She secures and ensures quality fieldwork, internship, and practicum placements in order to provide students with a well-balanced and diverse training experience while working with a wide variety of populations.

Ms. Casey works to develop and enhance relationships with schools and agencies in the community; she maintains and updates a listing of over 300 training sites at mental health and Pre K - 12 school facilities, serving virtually every population.

Students also have the opportunity to secure a site new to Fordham, which must first be approved by Ms. Casey. Practicums and field experiences begin in the fall semester, typically in a student's second year of his/her program.

"Externship has been such a wonderful experience thus far. It's an empowering and rewarding experience to be able to put all of your classroom-skills into practice in the "real world". I am grateful that my externship site provides such a supportive environment to continue to develop these skills and competencies. I enjoy being able to interact with counselors from various orientations and walks of life and am beginning to cultivate my own unique style of counseling." - Kirsten Graham, Mental Health Counseling

Ms. Casey will hold orientations for each program to familiarize students with the process in the fall semester prior to beginning their fieldwork. Program handbooks provide detailed information regarding the number of hours, supervisor requirements, associated coursework, etc. for each field experience, practicum, externship, and internship.

In addition to coordinating student field experiences, Ms. Casey coordinates assessment efforts for the PES Division. She works in collaboration with the Chair and Program Directors to develop policies and procedures related to fieldwork assessment and evaluation of candidate preparedness. Ms. Casey also acts as a liaison between faculty and students for the collection of data used in accountability (e.g., accreditation) efforts.

"The internship experience is one of the most rewarding experiences of the program. One has the ability to take what we have learned in the classroom and apply it to the real world. You have the ability to test things out and see what works. The exposure to the myriad of issues I have experienced at both my internship sites has truly prepared me for my role as a school counselor." - Seth Kritzman, School Counseling