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GSE Standards, Dispositions, and Conceptual Framework



GSE graduates:

  • respect cultural diversity and individual differences;
  • hold the belief that individuals can learn, regardless of exceptionalities, background, or circumstance; and
  • are committed to the education of individuals in complex urban and richly diverse communities.

They recognize individual differences, unique qualities and diverse characteristics of the youth they work with in schools and they treat students with respect, fairness and equity.


GSE graduates:

  • integrate theory, research and evidence in guiding practice;
  • believe in lifelong learning and professional education;
  • provide evidence that they can use their knowledge in light of available data; and
  • promote positive impacts on students’ lives.


GSE graduates:

  • value communities committed to communication, through a variety of venues, with all members of school/educational community; and
  • know and understand the function of home/school/community connections in the context of creating support mechanisms for youth and student development.


GSE graduates:

  • value reflection in scholarly learning and professional practice;
  • are committed to improving practice through personal and collaborative reflection; and
  • use tools of self-reflection to evaluate and improve as practitioners in schools.


GSE graduates:

  • value the variety of technological resources for enhancing an individual’s learning;
  • view growth in technological expertise as integral to professional practice; and
  • have knowledge and are skillful of the current informational technologies used within their fields.

Social Justice

GSE graduates:

  • are committed to dismantling all forms of inequity/injustice, including discriminatory practices and microaggressions, which violate the dignity and oppress the freedoms of people locally, nationally and globally; and
  • believe in the Ignatian mission of “cura personalis” – deep respect for the individual and his/her potential.

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